4 Exercises To Cure Hangover

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Exercises To Cure Hangover
While you are gulping down your favourite alcoholic beverage, you do not bother about the aftermaths. But, when you get up, you feel a bad headache and body pain. This pain of hangover makes you dizzy and uncomfortable for hours. You can pop a pill to get rid of the headache but, a hangover has more effect on the body than just a headache. You generally suffer from body pain and nausea. Old wives tale such as drinking lemonade or water might not be effective enough! You should work out to get back the lost energy. Check out the easy exercises that can help you regain yourself after a late night party of heavy drinking!

Exercises to cure hangover:

Running: You can either go out or use a treadmill. To get rid of hangover, you have to maximize your effort and run at a greater speed. Increase in the heart palpitations improves blood flow throughout the body. As you are running, you inhale more oxygen. Increase in the PEOC (Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) will help you fight laziness and feel fresh.

Swimming: It is advised that you should take cold shower to cure a hangover. However, to beat the drowsy and painful feeling, you should try this exercise. Jump into a pool of cold water. The touch of cold water on the body increases the adrenaline rush. Increase in the flow of adrenaline raises your capacity to fight hangover. Swimming is one of the most preferred aerobic exercise that helps you stay fit without putting much effort in the gym. Try regular strokes in the beginning. When you feel fresh, you can try your variety!

Jerk presses: If you have a built body, you have to work out regularly to maintain those bulges and pack abs. Due to hangover, you will not have the energy to pick up dumbbells. But, you have several tasks lined up for the day and suffering from a headache can only frustrate you. However, you can try jerk presses. This is an effective exercise that can help you get rid of a hangover. In this exercise, stand straight and hold the kettlebell or a dumbbell in your right arm (it should be near the chest). Bend your knees in a squat position and hold it for 10-15 seconds. Now do this with your left arm and repeat this exercise for 5-6 minutes. The squat position and increase in the adrenaline rush and release endorphins that cures headache and dizziness.

Cycling: Instead of going to work in your car or bike, just try cycling. This is an effective exercise to stay fit and healthy. Cycling not only cures a hangover but, it also fights stress and weight gain. Boost up your energy levels by cycling. It should not be done only to cure hangover but to stay healthy without suffering from diseases.

Try these exercises to get rid of a hangover. Make sure you drink enough water and fluids to control dehydration; a common health problem you face next day after boozing.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 14, 2012, 12:46 [IST]
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