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What Is Your Blood Group Diet?

Most of us really do not have a clue about which diet will work for us. So, why not depend on something that is inherent in all of us, like our blood group? Could it be the structural element of our body that influences our nutritional needs? The blood group diet certainly suggests so. This diet was first brought to public attention by Dr Peter d'Adamo who practices naturopathy. Since then, this diet has got big celebrity endorsements such as the British actor, Kate Winslet.

Based on your blood group, here are certain foods that are recommended to include in your diet.

Blood Group O Diet: Sorry vegans, but the O blood group diet favours non vegetarians. Actually, it is a diet that works for hard core meat eaters. This is because your main source of proteins has to be red meat; that too has to come from grass eating animals like goat or cow (more omega 3 fatty acids). You can supplement it with poultry (chicken and eggs) but red meat is essential. All types of green vegetables are good for you. Cut down sugar and sweets because your fat metabolism is really slow.

Blood Group A Diet: No diet will work wonders for you unless you reduce your stress levels. No matter how meager the food habits of a Blood group A person is, high levels of stress interferes with their metabolism rate. So, you have to cut down on meats like mutton or beef that increase cholesterol levels. Fish, especially sea fish is good for you. Get yourself filled with proteins from pulses like kidney beans, black eyed beans etc.

Blood Group B Diet: Although this blood group is neither the universal donor nor the universal recipient, it is fairly universal in terms of the food it includes. You can eat almost anything because you belong to a rare blood group that digests almost everything with the same efficiency. The best part is that you do not have lactose intolerance like the other 2 blood groups. So, if you are a vegetarian, you can utilize milk and milk products as an alternative source of protein. But, you should cut down on pulses and poultry because they do not go too well with your blood group.

Blood Group AB Diet: Unfortunately, you get best and the worst food habits of both A and B blood groups. You will have to exclude red meat and dairy products (curd or cheese will do better than milk and butter) from your diet. Also, your intake of refined carbs has to be limited. Shift to cereals for fibrous carbs. You can include poultry products and all kinds of vegetables in your diet.

Have you started adapting your food habits according to your blood group? If not, try these…

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 12:42 [IST]
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