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5 Peppy Beach Exercises To Get Lean!

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Beach Exercises
Do you find the stuffy atmosphere of the gym oppressive? Here is what you can do. Opt for beach exercises, especially in summer. Instead of the air conditioned air of the gym, you will get the fresh aroma of the sea. If you want to get a lean body with a perfect sun tan, go to the beach early in the morning before it gets too hot.

These are 5 beach exercises that are fun to do. These exercises also helps you get a lean body that you can show off in your beach wear!

5 Beach Exercises For A Lean Body:

1. Running On Water: Just like you run on the treadmill for a warm up session at gym, you will have to run on water when you are doing outdoor exercises. Sounds funny, does it? You will realise how energy consuming it is to run on water only when you do it yourself. Beware of the tide when you do this beach exercise. You should run in about ankle deep water and splash as little as possible.

2. The Beach Sprint: After the warm up session, it is time to do some serious cardio exercises. Start with a 200 metres sprint on the beach. Running is one of the most strenuous sand exercises. Your feet dips into the soft sand and you have to take that extra effort to pull it out for the next step. Always run bare feet on the beach because it is the most comfortable way to run on on the soft sand.

3. Skipping On The Beach:
Just like running on sand is tougher than running on even ground, it is likewise with skipping. Unless the beach is an exceptionally hard beach, skipping will not be an easy sand exercise to do. But skipping is a light and peppy sport, so you do not feel the strain of the workout quickly.

4. Squatting On The Beach: Only cardios will not suffice if you want a well shaped body. So your outdoor exercises should include some muscle training exercises too. Balance your hands in front of you and keep your legs apart. Now sit like you were sitting on a chair without bending your knees. Hold for few seconds and then relax. Repeat it 8-10 times.

5. Sit Ups on The Beach:
If you want your cute little tummy to flatten, then you should do sit ups or ab crunches. Lie flat on the beach and fold your arms around your chest. Now lift your upper body till your stomach without moving your lower body. Men can do this beach exercise bare bodied and women in their sun bathing wear. Apart from flat abs, it will give you sun kissed skin!

These beach exercises are easy, effective and can be fun too. Have you tried any other exercises on the beach?

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Story first published: Monday, April 23, 2012, 17:32 [IST]
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