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15 Effective Weight Loss Tips For People With Diabetes

Weight loss in diabetes is an effective strategy to prevent related risk factors such as obesity and heart diseases. Overweight or obesity is a health problem that must be taken care of by everyone. But when it comes to diabetics, health and weight control have to be on priority.

According to a study, moderate weight loss of 5-10 per cent can significantly improve the functions of the beta cells in the pancreas, correct the problems associated with adipose tissue disturbances and reduce obesity-related diabetes risk factors. [1]

Some studies also suggest that weight loss can reverse diabetes or can prevent prediabetes from progressing to diabetes, considering they have to maintain their healthy weight constantly.

However, the process of dieting and exercising for diabetics is not an easy task as they have to be careful about what they eat and the physical activities they perform. It is recommended to consult a medical expert to understand your diet and exercise so that you won't end up making the condition worse.

This article contains a few weight-loss tips for diabetics. Take a look.

1. Regular physical activity

Walking is a simple and effective physical activity for weight loss in diabetics. A study says that 30 minutes of walking every day can help reduce the risk of diabetes complications such as heart disease. Also, a minimum of 172 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity a week can cause seven per weight loss reduction. Other forms of activities may include household works like gardening, mopping and cleaning. [2]

2. Mediterranean diet

A Mediterranean diet is a diet type that involves high consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, legumes, drinking plenty of water, using olive oil, eating limited fish and seafood, the right amount of exercise and reduction in the intake of red meats and sweets, along with enjoying food in the company of loved ones. Mediterranean diet includes a lot of fibres, moderate protein and low carbs. Incorporating this diet type in the lifestyle can help in weight management and effective management of diabetes in the long run. [3]

3. Dancing

Dancing is a fun exercise. It helps burn a lot of fats and does not stress the body. Dancing is not heavy on the body and can easily be done by diabetic patients to lose weight. A study has shown that dance programs such as ballroom and Latin dance can improve fitness and endurance in diabetics and cause a reduction of more than five per cent weight loss. [4]

4. Reduce Stress

Stress can be one of the main reasons for overweight in diabetics as well as healthy adults. A study says that people with metabolic syndrome (that include diabetes) and depressive symptoms are very less likely to lose weight. But, the management of stress through various relaxing techniques or therapies can help in effective weight management. [5]

5. Juices

Though fruit juices are considered to increase the sugar levels in the body, natural sugars from some fruits such as orange are not bad for the health and may help with weight loss. Unsweetened and 100 per cent fresh juices from freeze-dried whole fruit contain a lot of dietary fibre and other nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and fibre that may help manage diabetes and help with a weight loss journey. [6]

6. Yoga

Some yogas such as hasta mudras or hand gestures can help promote weight loss, boost metabolic rates and manage glucose levels in diabetics, says a study. Yoga can bring changes at cellular, genetic, biochemical and neuromuscular levels and help diabetics from all aspects. Mindful eating and yoga practice are best to heighten weight loss in diabetics. [7]

7. Stay active

Exercise and physical activity are mandatory for weight loss in diabetes, but bringing in an active lifestyle is a way to make the above process much easier. Small lifestyle changes like climbing stairs instead of lifts, walking after meals, driving less and walking more or walking to colleagues' desk for queries instead of emails can help with weight loss along providing a good social life.

8. Go vegan

A vegan diet may help diabetics achieve their goal of weight loss. Plant-based diets are given importance in reducing weight as they are low in fats and calories and rich in vital nutrients like phytoestrogens, flavonoids, beta-carotene, tannins, saponins and other phytochemicals. It does not focus on nutrients on meat products but from plant sources such as vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains.

Other Weight Loss Tips

9. Drinking plenty of water.
10. Not skipping breakfast
11. Perform exercise that helps you build muscles.
12. Count your calories every day and adhere to that.
13. Keep a note of your body weight.
14. Prepare a list of healthy snacks with the help of a dietician so that you won't end up eating unhealthy foods.
15. Avoid sudden dining out and make plans ahead to maintain your calorie intake for the day.

To Conclude

Weight loss in diabetes can be hard and stressful. However, once you start with the weight loss journey, you will experience its positive results. Also, remember that maintaining a healthy weight should be a part of a lifestyle, not just a way to manage your medical conditions.

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