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Amazon India Fashion Week 2016 A/W Showcases It's First Accessory Show

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Mine of Design by Sahai Ambar Pariddi, Valliyan by Nitya and Vasundhara have added a touch of sparkle to the runway with their jewellery collections, on the third day of the Amazon India Fashion Week 2016 A/W.

Each of these stunning collections are amazing since each of these designers had a theme to present.Being the first accessory show at the AIFW 2016, Sahai Ambar Pariddi captured the audience with her collection called the "Memoir".

The designs speak about the magic of the sea from the iridescent pearls, corals, shells to the vintage coins, displaying their magnificent colours that get reflected on the surreal waves hitting the shores.

The second designer, Valliyan by Nitya caught our attention with the theme, "Modern Mughals" which which pays homage to the luxurious aura of the Mughal dynasty.

In this collection you will see intricate motifs in a contemporary style to give a sense of grandeur and opulence.

And, lastly, Vasundhara awes us with her collection "Au Naturel" which is all about the wilderness by integrating natural rocks, filigree leaves, twigs, branches, insects and bugs in elaborate forms and patterns allowing you to adorn yourself with the beauty of nature.

So, here we have the three most amazing jewellery designs to add flavour to the autumn winter season, take a look:


Floral Necklaces

This floral three piece necklace is intimidating. We love the red look against the gold hue.


Headgears & Waist Chains

The headgear on this model is very naturalistic. The floral waist chain just adds to the elegance of this tan ensemble.


Butterfly Chain

Nothing can beat the beauty of this butterfly necklace. It is loud and very powerful.


The Cooler Chain

This collection which speaks about the magic of the sea saw a handful of pearls and shells in the accessories that were on display.


It's Very Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical pieces add a new dimension to accessory designs.


Colourful Headgear

No statement necklace, just a colourful beaded headgear to awe the audience.


Precious Stones

This collection is all about precious stones and shells to vintage coins decked up in necklaces.


The Mughal Beauty

The plunging neckline is decked with a red stone and a stringed golden head gear attached.


Gigantic Head Motiff

Since this collection pays homage to the Mughal dynasty, we got to see these models in pure white decked with pearls and emeralds.


Multiple Layered Necklaces

It was not only about gold and pearls. TheValliyan By Nitya collection also say an array of beads too.

Story first published: Friday, March 18, 2016, 17:46 [IST]
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