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Amazon India Fashion Week 2016 A/W: 'Mrityunjay' By Chandrani Siingh Fllora

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Chandrani Siingh Fllora presents one of the most fabulous lines for the season. The designer who hails from Kolkatta, will grab all eyes on her new line called the Mrityunjay.

The collection which is a tribute to the power and strength of lord Shiva will reinterprets the age-old symbols of Lord Shiva in a modern milieu through inventive thinking and modern silhouettes.

On the ramp you will see a ton of symbols which are inspired by Lord Shiva's avatar. Models on the ramp are seen wearing symbols like the Trishul, conch shell and cannabis leaves in the form of ingenious prints and sparkling embroidery techniques.

The colours Chandrani has used in this fascinating line are of a homogeneous mix of snow white, corroded rust, midnight Himalayan blue, ash grey, tones of indigo, Boroline green and various shades of yellow used in solids as well as handwoven stripes combined with ombré effects.

It is also believed that this is the first time she is using hand woven fabrics. All in all, this collection questions the notion of formal - casual and seamlessly blends the same in stride.

You must take a look at this stunning and very bright line, presented to you on day 3 at the Amazon India Fashion Week 2016 A/W: 


Neon Hues

This collection is a tribute to Lord Shiva. The shades of green mixed with neon is mind-blowing.


The Mrityunjay Shiva

The dotted loose pants, mixed with a green muffler and striped scarf is quite the look.


Shades Of Green

The model is seen wearing an ombre coloured dress with a tie up that clenches the waist.


It's A Shade Of Yellow

There is a lot of colour used in this collection by the Kolkatta based designer. We love indigo connection with the mustard printed skirt.


Faded Blues

The horizontal stripes on this dress seem to outbeat the look of the vertical attires. In fact, this pattern seems quite beaming to the eyes.


One Of The Favourites

We are in love with the handwoven stripes and the red combination this dress potrays.


Striped Cool Pants

Not only does the bomber jacket grab our attention, it is also the striped loose pants which seem to look really inviting for autumn.


Is It A Saree?

Chandrani Siingh Fllora showing us how to work stripes on everything from saris to trousers.

Story first published: Friday, March 18, 2016, 18:16 [IST]
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