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9 Exotic Pickle Recipes To Try

Pickles are everyone's favourite and they are mainly served as a side dish in Indian cuisine. Pickles can make the most tasteless food delectable. Depending on the spices and flavours used, pickle can be made sweet, spicy or sour. Americans mainly make vinegar based pickle but Indian pickles are rich in oil.

Traditionally, Indians use a high concentration of salt and spices like turmeric powder that preserve these pickles for long, even without refrigeration. You would be baffled to see a special importance of pickles in every Indian meal. Pickles are prepared with seasonal fruits like mangoes, gooseberries and even vegetables which can really make your meal taste awesome.


So, here are 9 exotic pickle recipes from the Indian kitchen to spice up your meal. Check out the recipes and give them a try.


Raw Mango Pickle

Mango pickle is one of the most popular pickle recipes in the Indian cuisine. Raw mangoes, Indian spices and oil are few ingredients that you need to prepare raw mango pickle. Check out the recipe.


Mango Murabba

Long gone are those summers when you lazed around on the shaded of your porch and enjoyed the mythical mango murabba coming out of your grandmother's huge jars drying in the sun. your childhood will not return, nor will your sweet old grandmother but the mango pickle can still be made.


Amla Pickle

Amla (Indian gooseberry) pickle has a rich content of vitamin C and has a tangy and spicy taste. Gooseberry is one of the such berries that has a good number of health benefits. Amla improves eyesight and is good for lungs and heart too. Gooseberries is rich in anti-oxidant property that makes it excellent for skin and hair. Owing to such a good numbers of health benefits that gooseberries have, one must prepare tangy and spicy amla pickle at home.


Tomato Pickle

Tomato pickle is a tangy and delicious pickle to make. The goodness of tomatoes with the lip smacking spices make this recipe an absolute delight.


Cabbage Pickle

It is an easy to make pickle if you simply follow instructions.Cabbage pickle can be eaten with rice and dal or with roti etc.


Ginger Pickle

You do not need to dry the ginger in the sun for a long time for this achar recipe, as is usually done in all the traditional pickle recipes. Here is a simple recipe for making ginger pickle. You can also add chopped carrots to this recipe.


Garlic Pickle

Mango and green chilli pickles are the most preferred varieties in most of the households. You can also use garlic if you love to have garlic or raw onion in your meal. Check out two different ways to make garlic pickle recipe.


Pickled Onions

Pickled onions can be prepared as in the spicy Indian or in European style with lesser whole spices. This pickle recipe takes a bit from both worlds and thus, the resulting pickled onions will be a cross-cultural product. The whole spices used in these pickled onions are Indian but vinegar added to the onions is a European ingredient.


Vegetable Pickle

Mixed vegetable pickle is a tasty version of Indian pickles. Use your favourite varieties of vegetables with exotic Indian spices to prepare this pickle.

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