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10 Bread Sandwich Recipes For Breakfast

By Staff

Bread is one of the best option for breakfast food. Sandwiches or bread omelette are the ideal breakfast recipes that are prepared around the world. Sandwich is a universal breakfast recipe that is made with various ingredients like eggs, boiled potatoes, raw vegetables (onion, tomato, cucumber) or with slices of meat. Non-vegetarians love to have bread sandwiches that are covered with slices of meat and cheese.

If prepared with correct low fat ingredients, sandwiches can be really nutritious, filling and healthy. When you get so many recipes to prepare delicious sandwiches, why stick to the simple vegetable sandwich? You can prepare different sandwiches every day for breakfast. The best part of these sandwiches are that, they can be prepared easily. If you want, you can also take sandwich for lunch.

Here are the 10 best sandwich recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious too. Try them and do share your experience with us.


Mixed vegetable sandwich

Sandwich prepared with healthy vegetables like onions, capsicum and carrots are no doubt considered to be a healthy breakfast. This recipe is ideal for those who are planning to have a healthy yet low calorie breakfast.


Chicken and egg sandwich

Want to eat chicken as well as egg sandwich? Try this. It is a very healthy lunch idea because as you are getting proteins from chicken and eggs, bread gives you fibrous carbohydrates and vegetables give you vital nutrients.


Heart shaped sandwich

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Make the breakfast special by trying the heart shaped sandwich on this Valentine's day. The vegetables can be arranged in the form of the base design.


Grilled chicken cheese sandwich

This sandwich is mouth-watering. The melted cheese when blended with chicken slices can be a filling and delicious breakfast.


Chicken sausage sandwich

Chicken sausage is a delicious treat for the non-vegetarians. Do you love sausages? You can prepare chicken sausage with onions, juicy sausage and spices.


Mozzarella mushroom sandwich

This is one filling and nutritious breakfast sandwich. Mozzarella cheese is rich in calcium, zinc, phosphorus and sodium that are required by the body.


Ice cream sandwich

You can satisfy your sweet tooth with this mouthwatering sandwich recipe. Kids would love this dessert style breakfast dish.


Fruit sandwich

This is another sweet sandwich recipe that is filling and very healthy. Made with freshly cut fruits like strawberries, banana, apple and other fruits, the stuffed sandwich is a filling breakfast dish.


Chocolate and cheese sandwich

Want to have some sweet and cheesy bites? This sandwich recipe is ideal for you! The bread slices are covered with melted chocolate and cheese.


Vegetable sandwich

This is a simple vegetable sandwich recipe made with simple ingredients like onion, green chillies and paneer. You can add a touch of sweetness by using jam or decorating with strawberry slices.

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