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Chocolate Cheese Sandwich Recipe

You are too lazy to get up in the morning and cook! This is why most of the working people skip breakfast and hog in lunch. This unhealthy lifestyle changes can only add to the weight. On weekends especially, you are extremely tired and wish to have breakfast in bed! Check out the easy to make
chocolate cheese sandwich recipe.

Chocolate cheese sandwich recipe for breakfast in bed:

  • bread slices
  • cheese slices
  • chocolate bars/cubes
  • butter

Directions to make chocolate cheese sandwich, filling and yummy breakfast recipe:

1. Apply butter on bread slices and then put the cheese slice.
2. Place two small chocolate cubes/bar and then cover the bread slice.
3. Heat in tawa or grill the bread slices till the chocolate softens.

Chocolate cheese sandwich is ready. Cut into small pieces and serve it hot.

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