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9 Vegetarian Pancake Recipes For Breakfast


Pancakes are easy dishes to make for breakfast. However, vegetarians usually do not try pancakes because they think all pancake recipes for breakfast have eggs. This is actually a misconception. You can make pancakes without eggs as well. Vegetarian pancake recipes are just as delicious as the ones with eggs. And the veggie pancake recipes are also healthy apart from being easy to prepare.

When you are preparing vegetarian pancake recipe, just add more corn flour or maida to them. This will help in binding the pancakes together. If you want some really easy breakfast recipes for vegetarians, you should try different combinations like banana and honey, corn and potatoes with pancakes. All these veggie pancake recipes can make your morning meal very sumptuous.

Try out these healthy vegetarian pancake recipes for breakfast and begin your day on a full stomach.


Vegetable Pancake Recipe

The ideal way to begin your day will be with a choice of healthy vegetables which is the base for a yummy pancake. Try this recipe for a happy and healthy breakfast.


Green Peas Pancake

Eating nutritious food at the right time gives you good health and also keeps your weight under check. Green peas pancake is a light breakfast which is very easy to prepare and is good for people who are on a diet. Green peas pancakes is an ideal morning snack which boosts up high folic acid and fibre.


Ginger Pancakes

Feel like having something sweet and gingery for breakfast? Just skip the eggs from this ginger pancake recipe and you have your breakfast ready.


Honey Banana Pancakes

In this breakfast recipe, you will also receive a good amount of potassium as well since bananas is rich in potassium. Therefore, here is one of the best breakfast recipes for you to start your day with.


Spicy & Sweet Potato Pancake

The pancakes in America are similar to dosas in India and follow almost the same procedure in making these side dishes. Here is how you make it.


Hot Coconut Pancakes

This easy Indian coconut pancake recipe is a must try this morning. To make this Indian coconut pancake, all you have to do is follow the simple recipe which is given below. The best aspect of this Indian coconut pancake is that it is not time consuming.


Chocolate Banana Pancakes

When you consume any dish that has chocolate in it, your energy levels increase by 70 percent in a span of an hour. Chocolate is also an excellent source of iron and magnesium which makes you feel active right through the day.


Eggless Pancakes

Pancakes without eggs is a very easy breakfast recipe. Unlike other eggless recipes, it does not require elaborate replacements. All you have to do to make pancakes without eggs is take the eggs out of a normal pancake recipe. You can be done with making pancakes without eggs in just precious 20 minutes.


Banana Pancakes

Breakfast should be nutritious and heavy. You can eat some bananas for breakfast. They are healthy and filling too. Bananas also boost the immune system and keep you energetic whole day. If you are on diet, then the morning banana diet is ideal for you.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 6:00 [IST]