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Valentine's Day 2020: These Ridiculously Amazing Chocolate Cake Recipes Are Something To Drool Over


Nothing more than chocolates and cakes can add the romance to Valentine's Day. Cakes are one of the most common gift ideas which is used to celebrate the romantic day. You can either buy a cake for your valentine or just bake one at home to surprise your partner in the evening.

Everyone wants to make Valentine's Day special every year. From buying gifts to preparing special dishes, you can do ample things to make the day romantic, special and loving for your valentine. There are many types of cakes that you can prepare at home to add the much required sweetness to your day and lives.

If you are thinking that how will you manage to bake a cake without professional help, then we are here to help you out with that. We have this collection of some of the exotic cake recipes which you can try out at home. These cakes are sure to make your taste-buds go crazy for more. So, add the romantic dessert in your meal for a special date!

Chocolate Cake Recipes For Valentine's Day



Chocolate Cupcakes

You can prepare the simple and quick chocolate cupcakes if you did not get much time in the kitchen. Make sure you write your romantic note!


Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolates are one of the aphrodisiacs which can boost your libido and increase sex drive. So, try some cheesy chocolate cake to celebrate Valentine's Day.


Chocolate and Orange Cake

Add some tangy fruity flavour to your Valentine's Day dessert recipe. So prepare this light, soft and tasty cake for your valentine.


Eggless Cake

Vegetarians do not need to worry as they can bake cakes without adding eggs. This eggless cake recipe is extremely simple and very tasty, just as good as what they serve in a bakery.


Black Forest

This is one of the most popular chocolate cakes on Valentine's Day. 'it got its name from German dessert, Black Forest cherry torte'. Black forest cake has several layers of chocolate with whipped cream in between and additional whipped cream, cherries and chocolate on top. Although in the traditional recipes, liquor is added to its preparation, it can even be prepared without using alcohol.


Irish Whiskey Cake

Want to try something new on Valentine's Day? Then try your hands in this chocolate recipe. This is also known as Irish whiskey Christmas cake recipe which is very soft, delicious and light with the flavour of whiskey!


Ginger Loaf Cake

This traditional Ginger bread is also the synonym of happiness. Moist, spicy with the very flavour of ginger, it is a must try Valentine's Day dessert recipe!


Chocolate Raspberry Cake

It is another one of the favourite chocolate cake that can be a treat for Valentine's Day.