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    Must Try Mutton Recipes For Bakrid


    It's just a day left to the auspicious festival of the muslims, 'Bakrid'. People all over the world wait to celebrate Bakrid.

    Yummy Recipes For Bakrid

    There are several dishes that are prepared on Bakrid. But most important dishes are prepapared with mutton. The main recipes that are prepared are mutton sukka, mutton rogan ghosht, yarchi nad kanne, shahi mutton korma and many more.

    10 Exotic Mutton Recipes To Celebrate Bakrid

    So, take a look at the delicious and mouth watering mutton recipes that you can prepare for Bakrid.


    Boneless Mutton Sukka:

    This boneless mutton sukka is a mouth watering dish and loved by most of the non vegetarians and this is one recipe that you must try for Bakrid.

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    Mutton Pepper Fry:

    Mutton pepper fry is a spicy dish. As there is more pepper and chilly added to it. Those who love to eat spicy foods, can definetely prepare this for Bakrid.


    Mutton Rogan Ghosht:

    This recipe is orginally from Kashmir. The main ingredient in the mutton rogan ghosht is asafoetida which adds more flavour and also helps in digestion.


    Dak Bungalow :

    This recipe was originated in Bengal. It tastes awesome and most of the people in Kolkata love this dish. Do try this recipe for Bakrid.


    Raan :

    This Indian mutton recipe is very popular in the northern states of Punjab and Kashmir. Cooking the leg of lamb, usually a huge one, in generous portions of butter or ghee is the original and delicious Raan recipe.


    Yarchi Nad Kanne :

    This is recipe orginated from Coorg which is mainly made with bones with a thin layer of meat. So, dont miss out tis yummy recipe for bakrid.


    Andra Style Mutton Curry :

    If you love meat then this is one recipe that you have to cook for Bakrid. In this recipe the meat is first boiled and then cooked in a thick and spicy gravy.


    Mutton Gravy Recipe:

    Mutton gravy is generally served with rice. This is the one of the important recipe and usually made during the Bakrid festival.


    Bhuna gosht:

    This recipe is made with goat mutton. Mutton is slowly cooked under low heat with a blend of different spices which adds to the richness of the dish. The dish is cooked till all the juices of mutton are released and mixed with the spices to give a slightly dry velvety gravy.


    Shahi Mutton Korma:

    The main ingredient is yogurt, cream and saffron. This addds flavour to the dish and the dish tastes irresistible.

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