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Halloween 2019: Exquisite Non-Vegetarian Recipes That You Can Try At Your Home


Halloween is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries. It is celebrated to remember the dead, including saints, martyrs and all other departed souls. It is the time of celebration and lavish parties. And lavish parties means mind-blowing food!

Halloween food is supposed to be weird because it is supposed to be for the dead. So, the best foods are decorated in the weirdest manner and presented on the table. That is the whole fun of having Halloween parties. So, if you are celebrating Halloween at home this year, then Boldsky has a few suggestions for your Halloween dinner menu. Dress them up as weirdly as you want and have a wonderful Halloween party. Like every year, this year too, Halloween will be celebrated on 31 October.

Take a look at these 10 Halloween special recipes and try them out.


Crispy Fried Chicken

One of the best recipes you can try out this Halloween, is the crispy fried chicken which many of you enjoy to eat. There are many people who do not know the recipe to make this delicious crispy chicken. However, we can help you to prepare this delicious chicken recipe.


Pork Sorpotel

Pork sorpotel is a fiery dish since it is prepared using a medley of spices. The flavour comes from the aromatic spices, vinegar and tamarind that are absorbed by the meat as it is cooked slowly over the heat. It is a must-try recipe for all the pork lovers as it is sure to tickle your senses.


Scotch Eggs

As the name suggests Scotch eggs hail from Scotland. Scotch eggs are different but they are fairly easy recipes to try. It basically comprise of boiled eggs fried in a batter of sausages and breadcrumbs.


Chinese Pot Roast Chicken

Pot roast chicken is a pretty versatile recipe; almost all states and countries have their own version of it. As a Chinese chicken recipe it is distinguished in its use of Chinese spices. This chicken side dish can be served with a variety of main course items like fried rice, noodles or just plain clear soup.


Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Cheese stuffed chicken brings two amazing ingredients, chicken and cheese together in a delicious gourmet recipe. Imagine your teeth sinking into juicy pieces of chicken and tasting the warm creamy cheese stuffing!


Herb Roasted Chicken

There are many recipes for roast chicken; this one makes use of herbs to spice and flavour the chicken. This is an easy roast recipe because unlike stuffing and brine procedures, there is hardly any preparation time required for this one. This roast chicken recipe makes use of only fresh herbs from your garden.


Roast Chicken With Rice Stuffing

The whole chicken is first stuffed with rice and curry. It is then roasted in the oven until it turns brown. This recipe is a complete meal.


Mushroom Stuffed Turkey

Guess what, we have just the right stuffed turkey recipe for you. It has stuffing of mushrooms and onions. You need to cook the mushroom stuffing in butter garlic sauce and then cook the turkey in a normal way. The stuffed turkey can be roasted on a bed of baby onions or shallots. The flavour of onions seeps into the turkey meat and mushroom stuffing gives it an oriental taste.


Honey Glazed Chicken Roast

Honey glazed chicken is a sweet and spicy dish. Just like any other chicken roast recipe, its preparation needs skill but, a good thing about this Halloween recipe is that it can be made with very few ingredients. Prepare the honey glazed chicken this Halloween and decorate your dining table.


Chicken Stuffed Bun

Chicken stuffed buns are delicious, filling and easy to prepare recipe for Halloween. You can even have them for lunch provided you microwave it before eating. Hot stuffed chicken buns are loved by kids too.

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