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7 Reasons To Why Your New Makeup Is Causing Skin Irritation

By: Sneha A

One of the most essential things in a woman’s life is a perfect make-up kit. It is among her most treasured possessions and the secret arsenal that she carries with for longer lashes, glowing skin, flawless complexion, etc.

But then, there are times when you are left wondering why your new makeup is causing irritation in your skin. The same products that you bought to add radiance to your look has left you with rashes and an itchy skin.

Well, the answer is that it is an allergic reaction due to one of your cosmetic products in your make-up bag.Most of the make-up products and other cosmetics like shampoos, moisturisers, etc, are only made to enhance the appearance than to produce any biological changes.

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Such products have various additives and preservatives to improve their smell, texture, colours and to enhance their shelf-life.

With so many ingredients, it is extremely possible that one might develop some sort of an allergic reaction from any one of those.

This makes it mandatory for you to try and choose a product with least ingredients and always take a patch test at least 72 hrs before you actually use it on your full face.

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One of the surveys conducted by FDA revealed that 25% of the people agreed to the fact that they have suffered from allergies and irritation at least once due to a beauty product.

The following points will tell the possible 7 reasons why makeup causes irritation on your skin, have a look.


Trendy Words Are Just For Marketing Purposes:

An important thing to remember is that terminology like natural, pure or even sensitivity tested and non-irritating, etc, that you see on the labels have negligible scientific back-up. Their claim has no guarantee, as no governing rules are there for the use of these terms, making them nothing more than marketing jargons.


Two Types Of Dermatitis That Can Happen:

The skin reactions that occur due to make-up products are basically of two types. One is irritant contact dermatitis, which is the result of something that has really damaged the skin causing the skin to itch, burn or even get blisters. The other one that is allergic contact dermatitis affects the immune system resulting in redness, swelling, irritation, itchiness and hives.


An Ingredient That Is Not Suitable

At times, the skin might be allergic to a particular ingredient in the product. For example, companies use some exotic botanical extract to make their offering more attractive to their target market. This may or may not suit your skin type.


Two Or More Products Can Result In Irritation

It may also happen that the irritation caused in your skin is not because of only one product but a result of a combination of two or more. Foundation, concealer or moisturiser separately may not cause an issue, but may be together they do not do well to your skin.


Preservatives Can Cause Skin Irritation:

As mentioned earlier, any product that contains too much of fragrance or preservatives can get your skin to be more prone to irritation. Preservatives like parabens, formaldehyde, quaternium-15, etc, are some common ones.


High AHA Level In Products:

Products with alpha-hydroxy acids and an AHA level of more than 10% are majorly to be blamed for skin irritation, redness, itching and other allergies.


Methanol Can Be Harmful For The Skin:

Certain products like astringents and toners basically contain methanol and alcohol as their main ingredients. To add to this, there are also additives to augment the odour, which can result your skin to suffer from a severe irritation.

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Story first published: Friday, April 8, 2016, 14:23 [IST]
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