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Reasons Your Makeup Looks Bad

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When you apply makeup, there are certain mistakes that you can make unknowingly. This may come with a heavy price, as it can make you look tragic! If you're wondering why your makeup can look bad and the reasons behind it, this article is just for you.

Women wear makeup to feel more beautiful and powerful. It boosts out confidence whenever we use it. However, applying it in the right way is the key for that stunning look.

Women need to understand that the makeup should be kept minimal to get a natural perfect look. This does not mean that you apply layers on layers. This can make us look flake. The magic of makeup is when a person doesn't realize about those extra strokes you have used on your skin.

Applying foundation on a dry skin is a tragic step to look beautiful. There are many more such blunders that we need to avoid when we think of applying makeup. Read on to know more about the reasons your makeup looks bad.


Your Skin Is Not In A Good State

No matter how expensive your beauty products are, they will not give you the desired results if your skin is not in a great state. Concealers, foundation and powders can only cover up for blemishes, flaky lines and acne spots. The first thing you need to do is to take care of your skin regimen and start applying with a base moisturiser. This keeps the look even.


Using Wrong Shades

Makeup generally requires people to suspend their disbelief of using foundation that is two shades lighter than their original skin tone. It looks even worse when you forget to apply it on the neck! Avoid looking like a cartoon, instead opt for a shade that is slightly brighter than your original shade. This is one of the reasons why makeup looks bad.


Not Blending Makeup

If you are thinking that by dabbing extra foundation and not blending it well can make your makeup last longer, you are wrong my friend! No matter what amount of makeup you use, blend it well with your skin to have an even look. This avoids the plastic look and makes you look more natural.


Having Facial Hair And Ungroomed Brows

Removing facial hair and grooming your brows can give you a cleaner look and it is best to apply makeup on. Facial hair makes the skin look greyish and dark, as the makeup sits on it. So make sure you get rid of unwanted facial hair. And if the skin is moist and supple, it is a bang on!


Everything Has A Matte Finish

If you are in love with matte look then you need to understand a rule that every makeup thing you choose need not be matte. A complete look can make you look more plastic. Instead, you can keep the strategic areas matte and have a dewy or satin look for the rest of your face. This looks neat.


Under-eye Liner Is Too Light

There is a slight difference between subtly brightening your under eyes to making it glow in a bad way. Do not overdo your under-eye liner and keep it nude to the max. This does not make your eyes stand out, it instead enhances your overall look.


Covering Pimples With Bright Concealer

When you have a pimple, you need to take away the attention from it by covering it up with a good concealer. But, make sure you use nude colour concealer, as even a lighter shade of concealer can make you look bad highlighting the pimple even more.

These are few of the reasons your makeup can look bad. If you have any suggestions then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 3, 2015, 20:05 [IST]
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