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Ways To Use A Concealer

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When we hear the name concealer we think of hiding those blemishes, dark circles and as a mask for under-eye bags. It can be used with different techniques to highlight and jazz up your best facial features.

We need to understand about the techniques on different ways to use a concealer. Did you know that the way you apply a concealer can have a different impact on your overall look.

Generally concealers are considered as one of the most important beauty arsenal that can dramatically change the look. When a concealer is applied in the right way it can help to brighten up a tired face.

One of the best way to use a concealer is by avoiding foundation completely when you use the concealer.

In this article we are here to share some of the best ways to use a concealer. Read on to know about these beauty tricks of applying concealer in the right way and enjoy the look.

To Blur "Imperfections"
This is one of the best way to blur imperfections by focusing on pimples, pigmentation and redness. You can smooth the concealer on these areas and pat it evenly with your ring finger. It helps to blur the uneven skin texture and covers up scars. So do not add more concealer while you applying as it makes you look like a pan cake! Keep it minimal and enjoy your look.

To Blur "Imperfections"
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Using two different shades of concealers becomes a child's play if applied in right way. It helps to sculpt your face shape. If wondering how to highlight and lift the bone structure apply a lighter shade on the high points of your face like cheekbone, nose and forehead. For the darker shade you can start applying it from the hairline towards the temples. This is one of the way to use a concealer. This helps in sculpting your look.

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On Lips
You can prime your lips with a concealer. For smooth lines and neutralise your lip colour apply a little amount of concealer on your lips and dab it evenly. This will give a stronger pay off from your lipstick and will ensure it does not bleed.

Eye Shadow Primer
Concealers are an excellent choice for primers. So you can apply it on the eyelid. You can use a brush to even the concealer and cover it evenly on your eyes. This acts as great concealer. This is one of the way to use a concealer.

Eye Shadow Primer
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To Hide Puffy Eyes
To cover puffy eyes you can make a mix of concealer, eye cream, and highlighter. Mix this well and apply it under your eyes. Blend it with a makeup brush. It covers dark circles. This is one of the best way to use a concealer.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 3, 2015, 0:34 [IST]
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