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Bad Makeup Habits To Quit Right Now

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How many sleep with makeup on and how many of you ladies love to use eye lash extensions? Were you aware that these are some of the main bad makeup habits that can harm your skin and features overnight?

According to recent statistics, it is believed that more than 96 percent of women use makeup like eye liner, lipstick, toner, kajal or lip balm to enhance their looks. These makeup kits contain a ton of chemicals which aggravate the skin causing irritation leading to infections. Avoiding to use makeup on a daily basis is one way to protect the skin from all harm.

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On the other hand, experts suggest sharing of makeup too is highly infectious, as bacteria from one's body might infect another with healthier looking skin. It is advisable not to share lipsticks, eye liners and toners with any of your family members and even your best friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at these bad makeup habits which you have to quit right now. It is time to pay attention when it comes to looking after your skin; also avoid wearing too much of makeup, as everyday application can make the skin dry and sag, making you look old and dull.

Reasons To Breakup With Your Makeup


Sleeping With Makeup

This is one of the worst makeup habits to quit right now. Sleeping with makeup on can destroy the skin. The chemicals will absorb all the moisture from the skin leaving it dry and saggy. Wash and cleanse the face before going to bed. Sleep without makeup; it is the best habit to follow, if you want to protect your skin.


Using Expired Makeup

Never use expired makeup products as they can tamper with the skin causing infections. Expired makeup should be discarded at the earliest.


Those Eye Lash Extensions

Using eye lash curlers or eye lash straighteners is one of the bad makeup habits. Using these products on the eyes will cause the lashes to fall out over a period of time.


Wrong Use Of Eye Liner

Many women make the mistake of applying eyeliner and kajal to the inner rims and the waterline of the eyes. By doing so, you are inviting bacteria to form in the eye which can lead to eye infections caused due to clogged oil glands.


Sharing Makeup

One bad makeup habit to quit right now is being too kind when it comes to sharing makeup with near and dear ones. Experts state that this generous habit leads to viral infections and cold sores.


Pushing Aside Herbal Makeup

Herbal makeup is safe and best to use on any type of skin. If you love wearing makeup, opt for the ones that are made out of natural ingredients. It will promote better looking skin.


Makeup On Dry Skin

Never apply makeup on dry skin. This bad habit will make the skin irritated and itchy. On the other hand, this makeup habit will also lead to deeper and darker lines of ageing.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 8:00 [IST]
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