Homemade Wrinkle Reducers That Work

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The signs of ageing are things that are inevitable. And yet, we all want to avoid the signs of ageing like wrinkles. The appearance of the first wrinkles means that you are not in the prime of your youth any more. But there is no cause to panic. It only means that you need to make more intensive care of your skin now. And to reduce the wrinkles that already visible, you need to take help of some natural remedies.

Homemade wrinkle reducers can be very effective if you use them properly. These homemade wrinkle reducers are often prepared from natural ingredients. So they reduce wrinkles without leaving any side effects on your skin. So those fine lines under the eyes or delicate crinkle under your nose can be healed effectively by homemade wrinkle reducers. All you have to do is be a little patient and apply the homemade wrinkle reducers regularly.

To reduce wrinkles substantially, you also need to follow is a very disciplined lifestyle. You will have to drink plenty of water and take your beauty sleep seriously. Remember, these homemade wrinkle reducers will work only if you follow a regular lifestyle. Always use fresh ingredients to prepare these home remedies.

These are some the recipes for homemade wrinkle reducers that might work for you.


Beaten Egg Whites

Egg are very effective for reducing fine lines from your skin. Break two eggs and separate the egg whites. Now beat the egg whites and apply the liquid mask on your face. Let it dry up and then wash it off with warm water.


Vitamin C Eye Packs

Vitamin C present in citrus fruits has a blast of antioxidants. So there is nothing like slices of citrus fruits when comes reducing wrinkles under the eyes. Put two slices of orange on your eyes and relax for 10 minutes with your eyes closed.


Almond Oil

Vitamin E that is present in abundance in almond oil helps to firm up sagging skin. So massage your skin with almond oil for 10 minutes everyday to give yourself a face lift.



Honey is one of the most versatile natural ingredients for skin care. It helps to tighten skin and get rid of acne. Add honey to all milk and cream face packs to increase their viscosity and effectiveness.



Potatoes are particularly effective in getting rid of patchy skin which is a sign of ageing. Grate potatoes and mix them up with fresh mint. Apply this face pack on your face for a soothing cure to wrinkles.


Rose Water

Skin stress can sometimes be the cause of wrinkles as well. When you are feeling very stressed out, wash your face with rose water. You can also mix rose water with sandalwood paste and apply it on your face.


Coconut Oil

Wrinkles often appear due to shrinking of the fat layer under the skin. Coconut oil that is rich in essential fats can be used to replenish this shrinking collagen layer under the skin. Add coconut oil to your scrubs to make them homemade wrinkle reducers.


Avocado Face packs

Avocado is one of the best fruits for your skin because it has ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Mix avocado with milk and honey to get a very potent homemade wrinkle reducer. Apply this on your face and keep still for 10 minutes before you wash it off.


Berry Face packs

All berries are a rich sources of antioxidants and we all know that antioxidants have excellent anti-ageing properties. So grind berries with cream or curd to apply on your face.


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is the easiest available source of citrus antioxidants for your skin. As you age, your pore size increases. Wipe your face with lemon juice after scrubbing it to keep your skin well-toned and therefore avoid wrinkles.


Olive Oil Massage

If you need a reliable natural night cream, then there is nothing better than olive oil. Olive oil has natural omega-3 fatty acids that work on your skin over night and reduces wrinkles.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 3, 2013, 7:28 [IST]
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