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Ira Khan Sets Instagram Ablaze With Latest Pics From The Photoshoot Series “Who are you?”

If you aren't living under a rock, you might have heard about Amir Khan's daughter Ira Khan's debut photoshoot series 'Who are you?'. Using fashion as a tool, she tried to explore the different facets of her personality. But that not all that the photoshoot is all about. The photoshoot is also a visual and inspirational treat for all the beauty lovers out there. The bold and daring avatar of Ira in each picture did set the Instagram ablaze and wowed us all.

Through each addition to the photoshoot, Ira added a distinct element of beauty to the looks. Whether it was her make-up, her hairstyle, the choice of colours or the accessories being used - each element plays a vital role in getting the message across through those spectacular stills.

And now that the series has been concluded, let us look at the latest additions to the series and decode the various beauty looks that Ira exhibited in them. Let's start, shall we?

1. A Splash Of Colours

This particular look is not for the faint-hearted. But those who dare to go beyond the norm will surely love this look. In this edition of the photoshoot, we see Ira in a mix of bold and bright colours. Even her hair is coloured purple (which we loved!). With blue, green, purple and orange put all together in a fascinating manner, this look of hers is definitely a juicy splash of bold and vibrant colours.

Her eye make-up is quite distinctive in the post. With the whole lid coloured in a matte blue and a tint of green in the inner corner of her eyes, it is not a look everyone can pull off. Her lip shade is also an interesting feature of the look. With a purple at the base topped off with a green shade and an orange shade at the centre of the lip, this is an unusual choice that you might be tempted to try. Her hair in the picture is styled in loose waves that add wildness to the entire look.

2. Modern Yet Traditional

Coming to the next pic, this edition of the photoshoot is way toned down compared to the previous one. In this post, the make-up is kept completely natural with a maroon lip and a big maroon bindi on the forehead adding a pop of colour to the look. The dress and the funky accessories, however, add the modern element to the look. Another noticeable feature of the look is the black triangle dots on the chin and the inner corner of the eyes that add some traditional element to the entire look.

3. Glittering Goddess

Who doesn't love some shine and glitter? And it seems Ira is no different. In this edition of the photoshoot, Ira and friend Kanika Jhamtani went for the metallic and shimmery look. Ira chose a metallic silver jacket and shorts for this particular look. Coming to the make-up the base is kept fresh and clean while the glitter silver eye look shines through. A touch of purple at the centre of the lips and a purple hairpin wind up the sass element of the look. Her hair is styled in a short bob cut that binds the whole look together.

4. The Classic Diva

Moving to the last picture of the series, this is the look that most of us can relate to (without the furry drape, of course!) In the picture, Ira is wearing a beautiful short black dress which she has paired up with stunning silver heels and dangling earrings. Her make-up in the post is the classic black smokey eye look. With perfectly lined eyes and a well-bronzed base, Ira is looking stunning indeed.

With that, it is a wrap to this norm-breaking photoshoot series. This series had some amazing beauty looks that we might relate to. Choose the one that speaks to you the most and maybe give it a try.