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7 Ways To Prevent Kajal From Smudging

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Do you know why winter is considered to be the best season of the year? This is the time when you can have whatever foods you want and put on makeup without making it look too greasy or smudgy.

However, in summer, it is quite difficult to maintain your makeup in its place, as you continue to sweat. And what becomes smudgy at first? Yes, it is the kajal of your eyes.

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You must have heard that eyes are the windows of your soul. How will they look if your kajal comes to your cheek and makes you look like a zombie?

With simple tips for making your kajal smudge free, you can have appealing eyes, even in summer. Before knowing how to prevent kajal from smudging, you should check out the material you’re using. It is the matter of your eyes.

Don’t use any cheap-quality product, which can cause eye irritation, redness, itchiness and finally teary eyes. That can also smudge the kohl of your eyes.

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So, how to prevent kajal from smudging? By following some tricks and tips for making kajal smudge free, you can look ravishing even in the hot sweaty summer days, even after having an oily skin.

Here are some tips for making your kajal smudge free. Have a look.


1. Learn The Technique:

How to prevent kajal from smudging? Before wearing kohl, clean your face and use ice cubes around your eyes. Also, dip a cotton swab into ice cold water and wash your eye lids. Now, apply kajal and dab some face powder around it.


2. Choose Branded Ones:

Buy kohl that is labelled as ‘no-smudge' and ‘long-lasting'. You can also choose a waterproof kajal, which is also smudge proof and lasts for several hours without becoming runny.


3. Pair It With Other Products:

Kajal will look the best if you pair it with your eye-liner and mascara. Don't overlap or overdo anything. Apply kajal and apply the liner in a thin border at the outer line of your eyes. Apply mascara and let it dry. Thus, you can make your kajal smudge proof.


4. Leave The Corners:

When expert beauticians suggest effective tips for making kajal smudge free, they always prefer to leave the corners of the eyes. These parts are more prone to smudging. So, if you want to have dark eyes, make it deep at the middle and thin at the corners.


5. Use A Dark Eye Shadow:

You must have seen that if kohl gets smudged, it will look like dark circles. If you use a dark eye shadow at your lower lid, you can have a smoky eye effect which looks great too.


6. Be Ready For Touch-ups:

Maybe you're following all the tips for making your kajal smudge free, but you don't know when it will smudge. So, always carry a few cotton swabs, cotton buds and a cleanser in your hand bag. If anything goes wrong, you can make it perfect by a little touch up.


7. Don't Use Kajal On The Waterline Of The Eye:

By following these tips, you can make your eyes look beautiful and kajal will be at its place. Never use kajal or eye liner near your waterline, as it will cause irritation and sometimes lead to an eye infection by clogging your glands. Don't forget to remove kajal before going to bed.Otherwise, it will cause dark circles and dry eyes.

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Story first published: Sunday, April 24, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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