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Applying Kajal In 10 Different Styles

Applying kajal in styles that are different and fashionable can be fun. Black kohl or kajal is one of the easiest ways to try out simple eye makeup ideas. In fact, applying kajal in styles that are varied is the easiest way to look different every day. When you have to run to office and have just 5 minutes to finish makeup, you must use black kohl on your eyes.

Applying kajal in styles that are different is a versatile idea. This is because, black is a colour that usually suits every eyes. Especially for the Indian complexion, there is nothing more attractive than black kohl. That is why, applying kajal in styles that varied always work for Indian women. However, if you keep using only kajal for eye makeup, your look may become a little monotonous.

What you need are different eye makeup ideas to keep having a fresh look every day. All these different ideas can be implemented by applying kajal in styles that have been described below.


Basic Kajal

When you apply equally thick lines of kajal on the upper and lower lash line, it is called basic style. There are no frills added to this style and you can easily do it in 2 minutes especially when you are in a rush.


Upper Lash Line

When you want to have a formal look, you can apply kajal only on your upper lash line, and leave the lower lash line bare. This style looks very good with formal wear.


Lower Lash Line

The converse of this style is also very gorgeous. Sometimes, you are in no mood for makeup but you just want to darken your pale eyes. In that case, you can apply kajal on the lower lash line and leave the eyelids bare.


Smokey Eyes

For smokey eyes, you need smudged eye makeup. Apply kajal on your upper lash line and then rub your eyelids with some petroleum jelly. This smudged makeup will have the desired smokey eyes effect.


Stark Eyes

When you want to really highlight your eyes, then try the stark style. Lighten your eyelids with a whitish eyeshadow. And then draw thick and angular lines on both your upper and lower lash lines.


Gothic Makeup

Gothic makeup makes heavy use of dark black kohl. For trying out the Gothic makeup, you must use thick lines of kajal and also use dark coloured eye shadow.


Winged Eyes

Winged eyes are now coming back in fashion. For this style, you have to pull the kajal on your upper lash line a little higher. This gives the illusion that your eyes are tilted upwards.


Doe Eyes

Doe eye makeup is a fashion trend from the 60s and 70s. But it is a style practised by our Bollywood beauties. You need to apply thick kajal on both your lash lines and make a slight 'u' at the corner of your eyes. Applying kajal in this style gives you a delicate look.


Thick Dark Kohl

You may notice that some women prefer to darken their eyes with very thick lines of kajal. You might need to run your kohl pencil twice or thrice over your lash lines to get this effect.


Double Winged Eyes

Double winged eyes are perfect for special occasions. In this style, the upper lash line is given a thrifty high-flying wing. The lower lash line is also extended and given a delicate downward curve.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 2:00 [IST]
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