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Amazing Hair Care Benefits Of Bhringraj Oil

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Bhringraj, or eclipta prostrata, is part of the sunflower family and is used for many hair care purposes. The plant can be found in India, China, Brazil and Thailand. The plant has many hair care benefits.

It is basically an Ayurvedic plant used for many medicinal purposes. We will be sharing with you its many hair care benefits and also how to use it for hair care. Many brands have their own versions of Bhringraj oil.

You can either go buy one of these, or you could make your own at home. But, of course to make it, you would need either Bhringraj powder or leaves. The branded ones are a mix of many herbs.

Apart from the benefits on hair, Bhringraj can even help soothe the skin. It is known to really help cure eczema in patients suffering from it. Additionally, it can calm people down too. Now, who wouldn't want such a perfect multi-purpose oil, right?

So, keep reading to find out the benefits of Bhringraj oil for hair. And we are sure that you'd love to start incorporating this oil into your routine as soon as you can.


1. Hair Growth:

Massaging this oil helps hair grow faster because it provides nutrition to the scalp.


2. Itchy Scalp:

Since it cools the scalp down, it gets rid of itchiness of the scalp really fast. That's why this oil is best suited for your hair-related problems.


3. Dandruff:

Dandruff flakes turn up when the scalp is either too oily or too dry. Bhringraj oil gets rid of all such problems and provides added nourishment to the hair.


4. Hair Volume:

Is thinning hair bothering you? Then, massaging this oil will improve your hair volume to a great extent!


5. Dry Hair:

If you use this before shampooing your hair, it can give an amazing shine to dry hair. Just leave it on for a minimum of an hour before washing. And there you are, a perfect benefit of Bhringraj oil for the hair!


6. Split Ends:

The ends of the hair just don't seem to be as moisturised as at the roots. This oil can actually help repair split and torn ends.


7. Grey Hair:

Regular usage of this oil can actually prevent hair from turning grey before it's time and retain the original hair colour as well.


8. Strong Hair:

Breakage is something that a lot of people face. Regular usage of this oil would ensure you never have to worry about weak hair again!


9. Hair Fall:

Hair benefits of Bhringraj oil are plenty and here's a perfect benefit that it provides! This oil improves blood circulation in the scalp which naturally ensures that hair grows faster and falls less. It strengthens the hair follicles at the root.


10. Shiny Hair:

This oil moisturises the hair completely by coating each strand with oil. So, when you wash your hair, you'd be left with thick and shiny hair.


11. Cooling Effect:

The cooling effect of the oil heals the mind, which reduces stress and since stress is a major cause of hair fall, this problem will automatically seem to reduce.


12. No Side Effects:

This has got to be one of the best benefits of Bhringraj oil for hair. Since it is a completely natural oil, it would have no side effects.

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