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Try These 14 Amazing Tips & Tricks To Make Your Manicure Last

Doing a manicure is a relaxing and pampering time for us. It feels good and makes our hands pretty. You feel at ease and beautiful after a manicure, don't you? But, that usually lasts for a short span of time as our nail paint starts to chip within a few days. And that is not a great sight to look at and we can not afford to get a manicure done every few days as well.

So, how do you ensure that your manicure stays intact for a longer period? Don't you worry. Today, we have some amazing tips for you to make your manicure last long. Here we go.


1. File Your Nails Beforehand

Filing you nails to your desired shape after you apply the polish can ruin your manicure. To prevent this, file your nails before applying the nail paint.


2. Buff The Nails

The next step to do after filing your nails is to buff out the nail bed with a nail filer. This helps to roughen up the nail bed and the polish to stick better.


3. Try The Vinegar Trick

Before you move to the application of the base coat, it is advised that you apply some vinegar on your nails using a cotton swab. Vinegar helps remove the natural oils on the nails and nail paint to stay on the nails for a longer period. Allow it to dry before moving in with the nail paint application.


4. Push The Cuticles Back

Pushing back the cuticles is an important step to prep for the manicure. This helps prevent chipping at the base of the nails.


5. Roll The Nail Polish Bottle

We usually tend to shake the nail paint bottle vigourously before applying it. We suggest, instead of shaking it, roll the nail paint bottle between your hands. This eradicates any air bubbles in the polish and prevent it from chipping later.


6. Go For A Stick Base Coat

A sticky base coat will ensure the polish remains on your nails for a longer time. Not only does it prevent the nail ridges but also keep your nails hydrated.


7. Avoid Soaking Your Hands In Water

Soaking your nails in water as part of your manicure is something we have often seen many professionals do. This helps to soften your cuticles. But what it also does is expand your nails. And when your nails shrink after you apply the nail paint, the polish does not actually fit and your manicure is ruined. So we suggest you use cuticle oil instead.


8. Use A Mild Soap Instead Of Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizers often contain alcohol that can ruin your manicure. So, if you want to make the manicure last, use a mild soap to wash your hands.


9. The Filing Trick

Our nail paint often start chipping from the tips. To prevent this from ruining your manicure, file your tips down and reapply your top coat and you are sorted.


10.Avoid Painting On The Cuticles

You nail paint will chip from the cuticles and it will make your manicure a mess. So, instead of applying polish over your cuticles, push them back.


11. Play With The Ombre Effect

How many times has it happened that your nail paint is chipped from the top or the base while the rest of it is in perfect condition? We say, too many times. A simple trick to hide that would be creating an ombre effect.

If your nail is chipped at the base, use a glitter polish to cover it while adding to its beauty. To hide the paint chipped at the tips, use a contrasting nail paint to create a French manicure effect.


12. Seal The Tips Of Your Nails

Sealing the nails is important to prevent chipping at the tips. Do it to your base coat and your nail paint.


13. Double Application Of Top Coat

Top coat is a much needed finish to your nail paint. It locks everything in place. Apply double coats of the top coat to prevent chipping of the nail paint.


14. Dry The Polish Using Cold Air

We usually blow the nail paint or use a blow dryer to dry it. That actually doesn’t help. Use the cold air setting in your blow dryer to dry the nail paint or dip your hands in ice-cold water to accelerate the process.

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