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8 Surprising Beauty Benefits Of Love-Making

Have you heard of people talking about the "after-glow" effects of sex? It is said that after a steamy night of great sex with your partner, the next morning, both of you sport glowing complexions!

Many research studies have proved that having regular sexual intercourse can definitely keep you looking great! Your efforts under the sheets could be beneficial for your looks to a great extent!

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Can you think of a better way to improve your looks? Sex is fun, healthy and can also boost your beauty!

Regular sexual intercourse leads to certain hormonal changes in your system, which in turn help in keeping you healthy and radiant. It is also an extremely enjoyable way to burn calories.

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So, the next time you think of going in for expensive, painful beauty procedures that claim to improve your looks, you can drop the idea and get into bed with your partner instead!

Many of us may be aware of the common health and beauty benefits of sex. Boldsky tells you today about some of the unexpected beauty benefits of sex, here!


1. Reduces Dry Skin

Regular sex is known to boost blood circulation and improve skin elasticity, thereby preventing or reducing skin dryness. Your skin will remain soft and moisturised, thanks to sex!


2. Reduces Acne

By reducing hormonal imbalance and regulating the production of hormones in your system, regular sex can help clear out acne and pimples, giving your a clearer skin!


3. Younger Complexion

Sexual intercourse can boost the collagen production in your skin, thereby keeping cell ageing at bay. Also, it stimulates the production of the DHEA hormone, which plays a key role in giving you a younger complexion.


4. Radiant Complexion

Intense love-making sessions with your partner can keep your complexion radiant, as it boosts blood circulation, and also all the sweat released during sex can help eliminate dirt and oiliness from your skin.


5. Cleanses Skin

As mentioned in the previous point, sex stimulates the production of sweat, which flushes out dirt, pollutants, microbes and sebum from your pores, thereby giving you a flawless complexion.


6. Healthy For The Nails

Certain growth hormones released in your body during sex nourish your nails and keep them healthy too!


7. Weight Loss

It is said that about an hour of sexual activity can burn around 300 calories! So, regular sex can surely aid in weight loss and make you look more fit! You could also hit the gym, but it may not be as fun!


8. Healthy For The Hair

Regular sex can also help give you lovely locks, as sex is known to increase your body's ability to utilise nutrients well, thereby keeping your hair healthy and strong.

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