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Mistakes We Girls Make While Shaving Our Legs

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How often do you shave your legs? Twice in the month or more than that? If you've been shaving your pins more than twice in the month, then there is something wrong. It could be two possible reasons - a faster hair growth or your making a mistake while shaving. In most cases, it is usually the latter.

According to a beauty expert, it is said that women make a lot of mistakes while shaving their legs. Therefore, Boldsky has put across some of the mistakes we generally make while getting rid of unwanted hair.


As women, we all want flawless and hairless, good-looking legs, so why don't you take a look at some of the mistakes we should stop doing while shaving.

Getting rid of these mistakes can also help decrease your hair growth and promote better looking skin too! Take a look:


Before A Shower

You should never shave before a shower as the skin is dry and tough. It is better to drench your body first and then remove the unwanted hair. This is a common mistake girls make while shaving their legs.


Miss The Exfoliation

It is important to exfolaite your legs before you shave. It helps to remove dry and dead skin and thus prevents razor burns too.


What Do You Use?

Soap makes the skin feel dry and itchy. Therefore, it is advisable to use a shaving foam for better results and to prevent itching.


Ooops Old Razor?

One of the common mistakes we girls make while shaving our legs is using an old razor. Razors get dull over time which makes it difficult to get a close shave. Old razors also cause razor burn, so best to discard the old ones.


Never Apply Force

It is essential to protect your skin and not harm it. Using force while shaving collects more dead skin cells in the blade and causes more friction, enough for you to cut your leg while shaving.


The Wrong Direction

The best way to shave is to follow the direction of the hair growth, which means you'll start from the bottom of your legs and work your way up. Follow this trick to also decrease the hair growth and to finish with a smooth touch.


Never Share The Razor

One of the common mistakes we girls make while shaving is this -sharing razors. You should know azors harbour bacteria, so when you share your razor; you end up sharing bacteria too.


Never Skip The Cream

Shaving causes your skin to dry out, so it is essential for you to use a moisturiser. It prevents irritation and dry skin too.

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Story first published: Friday, October 16, 2015, 13:33 [IST]
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