Shave Your Legs Less Often- Here's How

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Shaving your legs often isn't something you really enjoy. Firstly, it is like a ritual that takes some time off your leisure time and secondly, who would want to perform a task that may cut the skin if done carelessly?

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So, the question is: how to shave legs less often? Are there any steps to be taken in order to make a shaved surface last longer? Yes, there seems to be some hope.

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How often do you shave your legs? Note down the date of your next shave and follow the below tips to see if you have managed to prolong the gap between two shaves.


Tip #1

Choose a good razor. Don't use a cheap one that does a bad job. Good quality razors play a role in a closer shave.


Tip #2

Before you start the game, exfoliate your skin once. This helps remove dead skin and also bring up hiding hair follicles which generally escape a razor stroke.


Tip #3

Shave in the opposite direction. Shaving against the grain can be a good method to get a better shave.


Tip #4

Some skin experts say that using a shaving brush may help get a close shave.


Tip #5

Instead of using a razor for 2-3 shaves, use a brand new one for every shave. A new razor can cut hair well.


Tip #6

Limit your intake of refined carbohydrates which are said to speed up hair growth.

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