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Unnecessary Beauty Products

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Let us admit it: we're spending a bomb on some unnecessary beauty products. You might think that your cosmetic kit is totally filled up with very useful beauty products and make up accessories but you might be mistaken.

Drink Water + Eat Water = Erase Wrinkles

Well, there are some skin care products you don't need. But you still tend to buy them and use them without knowing that nothing much is being contributed to your skin care.

What are those unnecessary skin care products? We shall discuss about them here. Why are they unnecessary? Some products serve no purpose; so they are useless. Some products provide very little value but are expensive. Such products can be replaced by home remedies which are safer.

Why You Don't Need Makeup Everyday

Now, let us discuss about the beauty products you don't need.



You don't really need a toner unless you are using inefficient cleansers or soaps that leave your skin in a sad state.


Neck Cream

It is an unnecessary expense. You can use your face moisturiser on your neck too.


Eye Cream

Skin experts say that most of the eye creams that are available are no better than a moisturiser with SPF. So, instead of investing on them, you can massage the skin under your eyes with milk or try other home remedies.


Anti-Ageing Products

Yes, most of the anti-ageing products out there have lots of claims to make but experts say that they don't work. So, your wrinkle cream may be one of the unnecessary beauty products


Chap Stick

Do you have to buy an expensive chap stick when you can moisturise your lips with simple kitchen ingredients like milk or olive oil? Think again.


Night Cream

Skin experts say that leaving your skin to the natural healing/rejuvenation process in the night is better than covering it up with creams and lotions. So, why buy night cream?


Lip Scrub

When you can simply exfoliate your lips with sugar, do you really need to spend on a lip exfoliator?


Eye Brow Gel

Unless you really want to spend money like water, don't buy those eye-brow gels.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 9, 2015, 21:05 [IST]
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