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Folliculitis: Simple And Effective Home Remedies
Folliculitis is the infection or inflammation of hair follicles characterised by red or white pus-filled pimples in the hair grown areas, especially chest, scalp, face and legs. The cause can be infections (bacterial, fungal or yeast) or non-infection such as the ...
Why Dry Shaving Is Bad For Your Skin
Dry shaving is the perfect shortcut to flawless legs for when you are in a hurry. Or so it seems. Dry shaving is when you try to shave in a rush without applying any shaving cream, gel or lubricant on your ...
Shaving Tips And Tricks For Women
Body hair is a normal thing. But as women, we all love a smooth and hairless body. And removing that unwanted hair can be a tedious and painful task. Waxing is the most common way to get rid of the body ...
How To Deal With Bumps On The Body
Sometimes, shaving and other forms of hair removal that we use may lead to painful bumps on the body. These bumps grow because your hair gets stuck under your skin while it is growing back. Apart from being unsightly, these bumps ...
How To Deal With Bumps On The Body
Waxing Versus Shaving- Which One To Go For
The beauty industry raves about silky, smooth-textured skin. It is a phenomenon to achieve for those who are obsessed with a clean and smooth look. Hair growth in some body parts is always a hindrance to this goal. So, skin experts ...
Waxing Versus Shaving Which One To Go For
Tried And Tested Tips To Make Your Shaving Last Long
How frequent do you shave? In a week, once in a month, only on birthdays? The answer to the question of frequency of shaving is entirely a personal choice. The first determinant in this is, of course, the hair growth of ...
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