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Saraswati Yoga: A Yoga For Education

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Saraswati Yoga
The science of astrology has several yogas formed by different alignments of planets and their strength, and these yogas are related with wealth, health, money, job, diseases etc. One such Yoga is Saraswati Yoga.

What is Saraswati Yoga?
Saraswati Yoga is one of the highly auspicious yogas for education. The native with this yoga would be highly intelligent and will be blessed with good education. This Yoga relates to Goddess Saraswati, called as the goddess of knowledge, education and intelligence. This powerful Yoga gives the blessings of goddess Saraswati, ensuring a successful education.

What Causes Saraswati Yoga In Horoscope?
The planets responsible for forming Saraswati yoga are Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. Jupiter, an auspicious planet that brings extreme fortune if favorable also represents great improvement on the intellectual level in addition to wealth and success. Venus can offer one a luxurious life and also make an individual creative and passionate.

Mercury is the most powerful planet when it comes to education, as He is the karaka of intelligence, communication, knowledge, intellect, language proficiency, reasoning and analytical skills. Strong presence of these planets in the birth chart or Horoscope is always an indication for good education.

These three planets when present in Kendra or Trikona houses, creates Saraswati Yoga in a horoscope. The Trikona Houses represent Ascendant (lagna), 5th or 9th house; whereas the houses indicated by Kendra are 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th. The other features that enhance Saraswati yoga so that the native would be able to enjoy maximum benefits are:

  1. An exalted presence of Jupiter in its own house
  2. A strongly present Ascendant (Lagna)

These planets are so powerful that in some cases, their individual presence in the previously mentioned houses can result in Saraswati Yoga. Also, of the above said traits, at times, some of them would be prevalent than others. It is not possible to generalize this because it completely depends on the planets involved and their position in the horoscope.

The strong presence of Saraswati yoga can even change a person"s life as he or she will be excellent in all forms of science, music, speaking, writing, literature and similar fields. The native will also have improved skills, knowledge, intellect and communication skills, thereby ensuring good educational and career prospects. Moreover, it also provides the native with a good life with a wonderful life partner, children and admiration from others.

An expert Vedic Astrologer would analyze your horoscope, provide you with accurate insights on whether this yoga is present, and if present how will it influence your life.

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