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Yoga Asanas

Yoga asanas, Yoga poses or postures, with regular practice renders a healthy body, an alert mind and an enriched soul. It helps in keeping the body controlled, followed by the control of the mind with meditation as the next step. Apart from the spiritual benefits for which the practise of Yoga is intended, it also paves for the well being of the body and the mind.
Yoga Asanas To Relieve Joint Pain
Earlier joint pains used to be a major reason for complain only from the elderly, but in the recent times even young adults and teenagers are frequently complaining of joint pain. Experts relate this increasing trend to be due to sedentary ...
Yoga Asanas To Relieve Disorder Cure
Effective Yoga Asanas To Reduce Your Tummy
Having a bloated bulging tummy is something which none of us wants to have. But due to certain lifestyle habits, foods and lack of exercise, a few of us end up having this unwanted belly fat. Well, if you are one ...
These Yoga Asanas Help Cure Irregular & Painful Periods
Do you have irregular and painful periods? Women, if this has been your regular problem, then you need to check out yoga asanas that will help you in this regard. Yoga and periods? Well, this might not sound appealing, but yes ...
Yoga Asanas To Cure Irregular Periods
10-Minute Yoga Asanas To Improve Concentration During Exams
The board examinations for the 10th and 12th standards are just around. As the exams are nearing I am sure students as well as their parents are getting anxious and panicky. In situations like this, students tend to lose their concentration ...
5 Yoga Positions That Can Help You Reduce Belly Fat
Belly fat is considered to be a very complicated and stubborn fat, which doesn't get toned easily and you do have to sacrifice on a lot of things because of it. Moreover, this is extremely harmful for the overall health of ...
Yoga Asanas To Reduce Belly Fat
10 Yoga Poses For Stress Relief
Stress is eating into our lives at every waking moment. We are often stressed about various things in life and that affects our health. We cannot even sleep peacefully these days because we are in anxiety mode all the time. Yoga ...
Ten Yoga Poses For Stress Relief
Yoga Asanas To Reduce Thighs n Hips
A heavy lower body can make you look short and fat. When we work out, we mainly focus on the upper body especially chest and belly. However, your thighs and butt also needs to be well shaped. This is more special ...
Celebrities Who Practise Yoga
There are many benefits of practising yoga. This healthy exercise has been started in India and has slowly spread its wing worldwide. We see many people who believe in yoga and have also made use of the benefits it offers. ...
Celebrities Who Practice Yoga
Meditation Step By Step Guide
Life can be really challenging at times. The fast paced life and demands can lead to stress, make you tired and feel unhappy. In this hectic life, we all need to meditate regularly to overcome such problems. The benefits of meditating ...
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