Yoga For Relaxation

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Yoga Relaxation
Yoga is one of the best aids for relaxation. There are several yoga poses that serve as relaxation techniques for the total relaxation, of the body and the mind.

Here are a few asanas that can be categorized under 'Yoga for relaxation'

Makarasana or Crocodile pose

'Makarasana' or the 'Crocodile pose' acts as an effective relaxation pose. Apart from serving as one of the good relaxation techniques, it also has a wide range of benefits like improving digestion, bringing down the blood pressure and more. (Read how to do the asana and know its benefits)

Jyeshtikasana or Superior Pose

In Yoga for relaxation, Jyeshtikasana or the 'Superior pose,' also serves as one of the simple and best relaxation techniques. This asana has aids in acting against issues with the back and the spine. (Read about how to do this asana and know its benefits)

Matsya Kridasana or Flapping fish pose

In Yoga for relaxation, 'Matsya Kridasana' or the 'Flapping fish pose' finds its way as an excellent relaxation technique. This asana benefits in acting against constipation, back pain, reducing the fat and more. (Read about how to do this asana and know its benefits)

Adhvasana or Downward facing corpse pose

This asana, in Yoga for relaxation, serves as an efficient means to provide relaxation to the body and the mind. Apart from being one of the simple relaxation techniques, it works wonders on the back and the neck if practised regularly. (Read about how to do this asana and know its benefits)

Savasana or Mrtasana

Savasana or Mrtasana, 'The corpse pose' is the most simple asana for relaxation. Read about how to do this asana.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 9, 2011, 16:46 [IST]
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