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Yoga Asanas In 2011 Calenders Defame Yoga

Many 2011 calendars have featured dogs, cats, puppies. Kittens and nude humans doing Yoga Asanas.
Further more, their names include, Sacred Form Nude Yoga Calendar, The Body as Temple Calendar, Yoga Dogs, Yoga Kittens, Yoga Puppies, Yoga Cats, etc., and some claim to be “inspiring" and “uplifting". These vary between color and black-white and prices go up to each.

These calenders are available not only in English, but also in French and other languages. Some of these 2011 calenders (Yoga) also comes with multilingual edition.

Hindu Statesman Rajan Zed, today in a statement in Nevada reminded that Yoga was an age old tradition, highly revered, and need to be pursued with more seriousness and respect than done for mercantile greed, as such acts would put off serious and genuine seekers of Yoga.

The Hindu Statesman had already referred to Yoga as 'living fossil', one of the six systems of orthodox Hindu philosophy and was highly venerated in Hinduism.

Performing Yoga asanas leads to the silencing of all mental transformations that finally leads to self realisation. Genuine practitioners of Yoga or people seriously in doing Yoga asanas, pursue it for liberation, which is the goal of Hinduism, the world's third largest religion.

The 2011 calenders with such images only portray the attitude of those who lurch for mercantile greed, and who are ignorant of the true purpose engaging in Yoga asanas.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 30, 2010, 14:05 [IST]
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