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    The Lakshmi Puja Vidhi For Diwali

    By Sneha A

    Lakshmi puja is a very important part of the entire Diwali celebration. Goddess Lakshmi is said to be the daughter of the Rishi Bhrigu, who during the Samudra Manthan was reborn and then got married to Lord Vishnu.

    She is the goddess of wealth and prosperity and is prayed to by her devotees to attain success. To perform this Puja, there are certain rituals that need to be followed. The Puja Vidhi to attain the grace of the goddess is very simple to be performed, even if one does not know the language of Sanskrit.

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    Muhurtha (Ideal Time) To Perform The Lakshmi Puja

    This year the Lakshmi Puja falls on 05th November, 2018 and the Muhurtha to perform the Lakshmi puja vidhi is between 17:39 and 22:19 that is between 5:39 PM and 10:19 PM IST.

    procedure for lakshmi puja for diwali

    Lakshmi Puja Vidhi

    1. To begin with the Lakshmi Puja, one needs to purify the house first. This has to be done by sprinkling Ganga jal (water from the holy river Ganga) all over the house so as to get rid of all kinds of impurities.

    2. Next, on the center of a raised platform, which is covered with a red colored cloth, put a handful of grains and then place a kalash on top of these grains. The kalash can be made of gold, silver, copper or terracotta. Fill 3/4th of the kalash with water.

    procedure for lakshmi puja for diwali

    3. At the neck of this kalash, arrange five or seven mango leaves and cover it with a dish full of rice grains. On these rice grains draw a lotus flower with haldi (turmeric) and now keep the idol of goddess Lakshmi on it. Also, keep some coins in the dish with the idol.

    4. On the right side of the kalash, i.e., the south-west direction, place an idol of Goddess Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is the first one to be prayed to in each and every occasion, according to the Hindu beliefs. To this idol, apply a tilak of kumkum, haldi and rice grains.

    procedure for lakshmi puja for diwali

    5. If you have books and documents of your business, place them next to this set up on the platform and further set up the plate for aarti. Keep haldi, kumkum, rice grains, sandalwood paste, saffron, lotus flowers and diya on the plate. Light the diya to begin the puja.

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    6. Apply tilak to the kalash and with some rice grains in your hand, recite the mantras of Devi Lakshmi while meditating on her. Do this to invoke the goddess so as to attain her blessings.

    procedure for lakshmi puja for diwali

    7. Now, bathe the idol of goddess Lakshmi, first with water and then with panchamrit, i.e., a mixture of milk, curd, Ganga jal, honey and ghee (clarified butter). Then, bathe it again with water, in which a gold ornament or a pearl had been immersed beforehand. Wipe the idol dry and place it back on the kalash.

    8. Apply tilak on the forehead of the goddess and place the offerings in front of the idol. Offerings include marigold flowers, kumkum, haldi, rice grains, sandalwood paste and saffron paste, sweets, fruits, coconut, etc. You can also offer some gold or silver ornaments, pearls or coins to the goddess.

    procedure for lakshmi puja for diwali

    9. After all this, you can perform the aarti but here too, there are some things that are to be kept in mind. Unlike performing aarti for other gods and goddesses, you are not supposed to clap while singing the hymns. Goddess Lakshmi does not appreciate very loud sounds and so tinkling of a small bell is enough while performing the aarti.

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