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Good Deeds To Be Performed On Akshaya Tritiya

By: Subodini Menon

Akshaya Tritiya, the day of new beginnings, is the most auspicious day that you can come across in a year. The third day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakha is observed as the Akshaya Tritiya day. This year, Akshaya Tritiya falls on the 28th of April, according to the Gregorian calendar.

On this day, people of the Hindu community plan and do a lot of auspicious things. This is because it is believed that anything done on the day of Akshaya Tritiya will reap immense benefits. Devotees choose this day to perform poojas, yagnyas, homas and havans.

This day is the most suited to purchase expensive things such as a car, a new home or a piece of land. Akshaya Tritiya is also considered the best day to purchase gold. Purchasing gold on this day will ensure that Goddess Laxmi will take your home as her abode. Your house will be filled with righteous and stable wealth.

But all these are deeds that you do for your own progress. What about the other lives around us? How do you spread the spirit and auspiciousness of Akshaya Tritiya to the people around you?

It is a well-known but little practice that good begets good and bad begets bad. It is believed in the practice of Sanatana Dharma that any 'Karma' which you do, boomerangs back with similar results.

On the Akshaya Tritiya day, the 'Karma' done by you will yield tenfold result from the universe. So, you must keep in mind to perform positive and good deeds on the Akshaya Tritiya day.

To further help you in following good deeds, we have compiled a list of things you can do on the Akshaya Tritiya day. These deeds may not cost much, but will certainly help you raise your spirituality levels and a few of them might even help put a smile on to the face of a stranger.

good deeds that must be done on akshaya tritiya

Remembering The Name Of Gods Or Great Saints
Chanting the names of your favourite deity is a good thing to do every day. But it is even more auspicious when done on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. You do not even need to say the names out loud and can just think of them in your mind. You can do it as you go by your daily tasks at home or work. It is said that more holy is the one who can remember God even in the thick of drudgery of daily life.

Chant 'Om Maha Lakshmi Namo Namah' for good results.

good deeds that must be done on akshaya tritiya

Light Lamps
You can light lamps in front of your favourite deity. It can be in a nearby temple or even in your pooja room. Lighting lamps is symbolic of bringing in 'aishwarya' into your homes. The sight of a lit lamp creates peace and harmony in your mind. It creates an atmosphere where auspiciousness and spirituality grow. The ideal thing would be to light lamps made of mud and to use ghee in them. But lamps of any material lit with fresh oil will also bring you the same auspiciousness.

good deeds that must be done on akshaya tritiya

Give Gifts
Gifts are ways in which you can spread happiness and spirituality beyond you. The gift need not be expensive. It can be something which you know that the other person needs. Give a poor person some food. If you see a woman with tattered clothes, gift her some new clothes to wear. You can also help people with your time. For example, if you know a couple who have a newborn to take care of by themselves, offer to babysit if you can or help them by going out to get their groceries. There may be old and helpless people in your society. Often, all they want is some company. Make some time and spend some time with them.

All of these deeds will bring in positivity not just to you but also to those that receive your gifts.

good deeds that must be done on akshaya tritiya

Spread Love And Smiles
This is something you can practice every day but on Akshaya Tritiya, these deeds will give you more positivity. Smile at a stranger, offer words of consolation to someone who is upset, hug your children and tell them that you love them, give out sweets to the children who hawk at the traffic lights. Your kindness need not be limited to men. If you see a hungry stray dog, spare some food for it. Set up a water bath in your backyard or balcony for the birds to drink from it; and if you come across a cow roaming around, find some water or grass to feed it with. All these create a positive ripple in the universal energy and you can be sure that the ripple will come back to you with bigger results.

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