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Is Lord Hanuman Married Or A Bachelor?

Whenever the question 'is Hanuman married?' is asked, there is a lot of controversy to be expected. Most devotees of Lord Hanuman believe that he was a Bal Brahmachari which basically means that he was sworn to remain a bachelor since childhood. However, some mythical evidence seems to suggest that Lord Hanuman didn't get married.

Is Hanuman Married?

There is no conclusive answer to the question,' is Hanuman married?' However, there are bits and pieces of folklore and stories that seem to suggest that Hanuman might have had a legally wedding wife.

Lord Hanuman Married

Hanuman's Son

Most people counter the rumours about Lord Hanuman's marriage by talking about his accidentally conceived son. The story goes that Lord Hanuman was resting by the bank of a river as he was really tired. A drop of his sweat fell into the river and was swallowed by a crocodile. But the potent drop of sweat turned into Hanuman's son and was mothered by the crocodile.

Is Hanuman Married To Lord Surya's Daughter?

The most popular folklore says that Lord Hanuman was married to the daughter of Surya Dev. However, two different stories are told about his marriage.

Firstly, we all know that Hanuman took his training of the Vedas from Lord Surya. He was a brilliant student and mastered the Vedas easily. However, to learn the Nine Vyakarnas, he needed the status of a householder. So Lord Surya created a daughter from his shinning halo and married her off to Hanuman.

The second reason stated for Lord Hanuman's marriage to Surya Dev's daughter Suvarchala is slightly different. Apparently, Devi Suvarchala had inherited her father's brilliance and no man could withstand her bright glow. That is why, Lord Surya requested Hanuman to marry his daughter for 'the greater good of the Universe'. This marriage was a kind of 'guru dakshina' given by Lord Hanuman to his guru, Surya Dev. However, Hanuman continued his pledge as a Bal Brahmachari and maintained celibacy all his life. He also continued to serve Lord Rama.

This story of Hanuman's marriage is found in a manuscript written by Parasara Maharishi who documented all the details of Hanuman's life since his birth. However, there is no definite answer to the question, 'is Hanuman married?' The answer depends on which mythical story you choose to believe.

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