The Biggest Miracles Of Lord Shiva

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Lord Shiva is an integral one of the Holy Trinity in Hinduism. Brahma, Vishu and Maheshwar (meaning Shiva) form the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction in the Universe. Lord Shiva is the Destroyer, but creation is also incomplete without him. You cannot create something unless your destroy the things that exist before it.

There are many stories on the miracles of Lord Shiva. His legends for being large hearted and kind are endless. Although he is feared for this torrential temper, the miracles of Lord Shiva prove that he is the most selfless of all the Hindu Gods. Here are some of the most popular stories about the miracles of Lord Shiva.

Miracles Of Lord Shiva

Miracles Of Lord Shiva

The Neelkanth
At one point of time, the Devas and Asuras collaborated with each other to churn the great ocean. Churning the ocean would please the Sea God and a pot of 'amrit' or elixir would come from it. But with the amrit, a phenomenal amount of poison was also generated from the 'Samudra manthan'. This poison was enough to consume the entire Universe. But Lord Shiva magnanimously drank all the poison. Goddess used her powers to stop the poison in his throat itsef. The poison turned his throat blue and that is why he is called the Neelkanth.

The Holy Ganges
On the request of Bhagirath, the holy river Ganga agreed to come down on earth. However, her blistering force would have drowned the earth. So Lord Shiva in this unique style, held Ganga in the knot of his hair. He released only a small portion of her volume flow down on the earth.

Birth Of Ganesha
Ganesha was accidentally killed by Shiva when he was guarding the doors for his Mother Parvati. This angered Parvati and she swore to destroy the world. But Shiva was quick to appease her by attaching an elephant's head to Ganesha's body and giving him life again. This miracle of Lord Shiva saved the world from the wrath of Shakti.

The Hunter Story
A cruel hunter climbed a bilva tree to escape being eaten up by a tiger. All night he plucked the leaves of the tree and threw them down in boredom. He did not know that there was Shivlinga under the tree and bilva leaves are a favourite of Lord Shiva. In the morning, Shiva appeared in front of the hunter and pleased by the leaves thrown by him casually blessed him with salvation. This miracle of Lord Shiva proved that he is awfully easy to please.

All the mythical miracle stories point to the greatest of Lord Shiva. What other miracle stories of Shiva do you know? Share them with us.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 11, 2013, 16:01 [IST]
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