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Danger! Are You Addicted To Painkillers?
Yes, even painkillers are addictive and like any addiction, even painkiller addiction has some adverse effects. Of course, nobody willingly becomes an addict to painkillers. But statistics claim that the number of people using painkillers frequently has almost doubled up in ...
Dangers Of Painkiller Addiction

What Is The Best Form Of Birth Control Post Pregnancy?
If you are a new mother, who has given birth to your little one recently, and want to resume your sex life, then you could be wondering how you can prevent another pregnancy from happening any time soon and also what ...
Best Form Of Birth Control After Pregnancy
Why We Don’t Finish The Antibiotic Course
When you catch any infection, the doctor prescribes you a dose of antibiotics. And he expects you to finish the overall course. Antibiotics play a role in eliminating harmful bacteria. What happens if you don't finish the course? Well, some of ...
Reasons Behind Leaking Fluid During Pregnancy
It becomes quite embarrassing if you suddenly start leaking during your pregnancy. For others, the leaking may not be visible; but you may become worried with the fear that there must be something wrong. The leakage of the amniotic fluid is ...
Reasons Behind Leaking Fluid During Pregnancy
10 Juices For 10 Health Issues!
If you knew that some juices can cure certain minor health ailments? Would you still prefer popping in pills? Well, juices would be a better option, right? Also Read: Why Does Your Butt Burn While Pooping? Yes, it isn't healthy to gulp ...
Is It Safe To Make Love When You Have Yeast Infection?
Yeast infection is very common among women. It is known as vaginal candidiasis. Certain symptoms that accompany this infection are burning sensation, itching, redness and even white discharge from the vagina. Also Read: Why Is It Important To Pee Right After Intercourse? ...
Can Birth Control Pills Prevent Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian cancer is a disease that has been affecting a lot of women nowadays. It is believed that the signs of ovarian cancer do not appear till the tumour spreads. Hence, it is essential to go for regular screenings to detect ...
Can Birth Control Pills Prevent Ovarian Cancer
24 Tips: How To Use Food As Medicine
For most of us, medicines are tablets and pills. But in the ancient times, food was both food and medicine too. Yes, many foods have healing effects and that is why you can use foods to prevent and heal certain disorders. ...
Harmful Side Effects Of Diet Pills
Do you want to lose your weight in no time and are you looking for shortcut ways? Diet supplements and diet pills are undoubtedly the fastest way to lose weight; however, these drugs are not necessarily supported by any clinical research ...
Harmful Side Effects Of Diet Pills
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