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Can Birth Control Pills Prevent Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian cancer is a disease that has been affecting a lot of women nowadays. It is believed that the signs of ovarian cancer do not appear till the tumour spreads. Hence, it is essential to go for regular screenings to detect ovarian cancer. Research is being done to find out whether birth control pills can prevent ovarian cancer.

The signs of ovarian cancer might be bloating, abdomen pain and frequent urination or extreme urge to urinate. If these signals have not appeared before or if they become serious, all women should see their doctors for cancer screening.

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can birth control pills prevent ovarian cancer

Other signs of ovarian cancer may include a feeling of heaviness in the pelvic or abdominal area, lower abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Other symptoms might include irregular periods and unexplained back pain that gets constantly worse.

can birth control pills prevent ovarian cancer

Some gastro intestinal issues like gas, indigestion, decreased appetite and difficulties in eating the usual quantity of food can be symptomatic of ovarian cancer. Nausea, vomiting and feeling bloated can also indicate ovarian cancer.

can birth control pills prevent ovarian cancer

Women who are on birth control pills have been found to suffer less from ovarian cancer. Research has proved that women who have been consistently taking birth control pills are associated with a reduced risk of cancer of the ovary.

The longer the period of time that a woman has been taking birth control pills, the more her risk of suffering from the cancer of the ovary decreases. It decreases at a rate of about ten percent in the first year and about fifty percent in the fifth year.

can birth control pills prevent ovarian cancer

Researchers have said that the types of hormones used in birth control pills have been seen to affect ovarian cancer risk. The birth control pills with higher levels of progestin were found to be more effective in preventing the cancer of the ovary.

Ovarian cancer in women is sometimes hereditary. So if you have people suffering from ovarian cancer in your family, go for regular screenings and consult your doctor for birth control pills in order to prevent ovarian cancer.

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