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Are You Thinking Of Taking Diet Pills To Get Back To Shape? Before That, Have A Balanced Look

By: Shubham Ghosh

As weight-related problems like obesity plague us and we find it more and more difficult to give our bodies a run, the idea of having weight-losing diet pills flash in our minds. But are these pills healthy for our body even though their manufacturers claim them to be a miracle cure?

Losing weight by just sitting back and having pills might seem unusual to many. Does it really work that way?

Here we discuss both the pros and cons of having weight-loss diet pills to help those who are confused over having them or not.

First, the pros of consuming weight-loss pills:

1. There are certain pills that are medically approved and hence cane be taken without fear. However, it is always good to opt for slimming pills that are made of natural ingredients.

weight loss pills

2. There are people who fail to shed the extra kilos even through dieting and exercising. These pills, if taken as per medical prescription, can help in losing a modest amount of weight.

3. Some weight-loss pills successfully block a percentage of fat that your food contains.

4. One advantage of these pills is that they help reduce your urge for eating throughout the day and hence stops more calorie intake.

5. This characteristic of the pills helps those who have eating disorders caused by overeating.

weight loss pills

6. Unlike many believe, these pills are not addictive drugs and they do not bring any change in the behaviour.

7. They provide energy and choosing the right pills can help you lose weight by boosting metabolism and burning fat.

8. By reducing your weight even modestly, the diet pills lower other harmful factors like blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure and save you from getting diabetic.

9. Diet pills are helpful agents for weight loss in the short term.

10. For many, diet pills provide a mental support.

weight loss pills

But the story also has another side and it is equally important to read before taking the final call:

1. Diuretics and stimulants present in certain diet pills can cause irregular heart rate, sleep disorders, high blood pressure and even death.

2. Trying to lose a large quantity of weight at one go could be fatal.

3. Consumption of diet pills can make you hyperactive temporarily.

4. The slimming pills can also make one mentally vulnerable by giving rise to paranoia and euphoria.

weight loss pills

5. Only diet pills will not help you get back a healthy body. Eating healthy and doing exercise are a must. There is no shortcut to good health.

6. Make a thorough research on the Internet about the side-effects of weight-loss pills. Overlooking this important part can make you pay dearly later.

7. Instead of helping, weight-loss pills can actually disrupt your metabolism process by suppressing the natural appetite. Try to reduce your weight naturally.

8. The pills can make you emotionally dependent on them which is again not a healthy sign.

weight loss pills

9. Weight-loss pills are ideal for those who have a body-mass index of above 27. For those having it less, it is riskier to use them to shed kilos.

10. Why go for expensive pills when you can have a healthy body just by eating healthy and doing physical activities.

To conclude, deciding on having weight-loss pills is a crucial call for it involves your own heath's safety. It is always advisable to meet a doctor before beginning your course of diet pills to look beautiful.

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Story first published: Friday, September 30, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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