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Chanakya Niti: How To Prepare Yourself For Bad Times?
Chanakya was a great philosopher, besides being one of the greatest political and economic advisers. Under the reign of Chandragupta Maurya, he took the country to great heights and the era was hence known as the Golden Era. From his ...
Chanakya Niti How To Prepare Yourself For Bad Times

Chanakya Niti: Never Share These Secrets With Anyone
Never Share These Secrets With Anyone Chanakya was a teacher, economist, jurist and a political advisor. He was learned in languages as well as sciences equally. He earned name and fame through his knowledge. Because of the stories of his intelligence, ...
Chanakya Niti Never Share These Secrets With Anyone
Important Things We Need To Know About Karma
The literal meaning of the word Karma is action. Instead of using the laws of Karma to feel constrained, it is important to have a better understanding of the true meaning of the word so that you can make your life ...
7 Amazing Facts About Rebirth In Hinduism
Reincarnation or rebirth has always been a fascinating concept. Like Hinduism, there are many other popular cultures which talk about a person being born again and again on this Earth. For example, Buddhism also believes in rebirth. Ancient Egyptians were staunch ...
Amazing Facts About Rebirth In Hinduism
The Oneness Of Self And Environment
The oneness of self and environment is a profound concept mostly preached in the realm of Buddhist philosophy. It basically implies that as humans, the direct relationship with the immediate environment cannot be more evident. As human beings, owing to the ...
How To Fall In Tune With What IS?
Someone asked J. Krishnamurti, the famous Indian philosopher, how to fall in tune with what IS. He beautifully says, ‘Just don’t name it, you will find you are in tune with it!’Usually, when we see something, we either try to identify ...
No Room For Love With Philosophy
With philosophy, you have fixed ideas, and you become very assertive. When you are too assertive, you can’t love. Assertion is an aggressiveness that does not allow love to come in. When you are too sure and filled with preconceived ideas, ...
Experience Love The Heart With Philosophy
Satsang With Swami Chinmayananda-On Hinduism And Philosophy
What is Hinduism?Hinduism is the way-of-life of the Hindus. Hinduism cannot be termed as a religion. Hinduism can be classified as a progressive, ever growing tradition. This tradition gives freedom for the individuals to grow in a healthy atmosphere of moral ...
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