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    Chanakya Says, We Should Never Wake Them Up While They're Asleep


    Sleep is highly needed for the body to function well and for the person to stay at their best. We might be able to stay awake for a night or two, but sleep deprivation results in poor health over a long term. An adult needs to sleep for 7-9 hours everyday. It varies slightly from person to person.

    Well, Chanakya, the intellect, had a lot to say about this as well. Here are some important points he mentioned about sleeping. There are some people who must be woken up as soon as they are found sleeping, on the other hand, there are some people whom we should not wake up at all.

    Chanakya Says We Should Never Wake Them Up While Theyre Asleep

    Let us begin with those whom we must awaken if found sleeping

    1. A Traveller

    Since travellers have to keep a track of time, they should not sleep for the time they are travelling. When they have long distances to cover, time is what they should aim to save.

    2. A Servant

    We must wake them as soon as possible if we find these people sleeping. There is no benefit in keeping them as helpers if they are not working. As is the requirement of the job, if they sleep for long, they might end up losing the job.

    3. A Student

    Chanakya has said that if people are found sleeping instead of studying, they will not be able to score well. Chanakya says that the aim of a student's life is to study and so, sleeping will make them lazier. Hence, they will not be able to concentrate. Therefore, they should sleep only for the purpose of relaxing, more than which might prove harmful in the long run.

    4. A Hungry Person

    Sleeping hungry is not good for one's health. It might result in health problems. It is also believed that sleeping hungry is inauspicious. It leads to loss of wealth. Hence, we must awaken those who have slept hungry and offer them food if possible.

    5. A Frightened Person

    Chanakya advises that we should awaken a person who gets frightened while asleep. It might be because of a nightmare or a subconscious imagination. Once woken up from a bad dream, they might be able to sleep better. Hence, awaken a people frightened while asleep.

    6. A Treasury Guard

    Since their job is to safeguard the treasury, who will do that if they fall asleep? They have to stay awake and guard the treasure.

    Further, Chanakya mentions that there are some people whom we should never wake up.

    1. Babies

    We must never wake up babies while they are asleep. Two reasons are there behind this. If babies are woken up, they will not be able to sleep again for the day and will keep on crying all the time. It will become a trouble to handle them. The other reason is a common belief that it is considered inauspicious to awaken a sleeping baby.

    2. An Insane Person

    We must also never wake insane people from their sleep. It's better to stay away from them. Insane people have high chances of getting violent. They might attack you anytime.

    3. A Lion

    Lion being a dangerous animal, we must never wake them up. An enraged lion will attack a person for sure.

    4. A Snake

    Never try to waken a snake. If woken up, it will definitely bite you. Hence, Chanakya has advised against this.

    5. A Dog

    We must never awaken a dog, as waking them up might put us in troubles. An enraged dog might bite you.

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    Story first published: Thursday, July 5, 2018, 15:00 [IST]
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