How To Test Your Servant, Relatives And Your Wife - Learn From Chanakya


Ever doubted the services of your servant? Ever trusted your relatives too much. Ever wanted to know how supportive your life partner is? Those promises and comforting words which make you believe, might not be so promising actually.

Those comforting words might prove the most uncomfortable if you are trusting the wrong person. And ultimately might leave you in a tattered emotional or financial situation. But the question is, what else is the option?

Chanakya Quotes

Isn't it rightly said that time alone can test your relations and well-wishers? That is true, time is the only test that reveals how good a servant is, how helpful your relatives are and how supportive your wife is.

Bad time might make you suffer, but it does teach you a lot of lessons, makes us realize the mistakes, and tells you who is the real well-wisher of yours. Relating to it, there goes a famous quote given by Chanakya - test your servant when you are not around, test your relatives and friends in times of adversity and test your wife when you are going through misfortune.

Test A Servant When You Are Not Around

When you are not around, the servant will be easy and comfortable. That is the time, his true nature will be revealed. He might try to steal the money that you kept on the table, or he might tell you to keep it back at the right place when you return. He might even keep it aside, at a safer place and let you know about it later.

Whatever the case may be, the servant's faithfulness will be tested. A person whom you can not trust for little things does not deserve your trust at all. If he can steal a small amount today, just imagine how comfortable he will become in doing so, five years down the line. So, be alert and do not miss a chance to test him.

Test Your Relatives In Times Of Adversity

Just when you have some financial issues, you might want help. It is obvious that asking the relatives for help might not be the first option on your mind, it might not even appear feasible, for you want the relations to stay good, or your respect to stay the same. Seeking financial help from the relatives is what our parents advise us against, as they believe the relations might turn sour. That's true.

But what Chanakya says is that financial problem is the best time when you can test your relatives. He says when you ask them for help, two outcomes are possible - either your purpose will be served and you will get to know if they are worth trusting or not. The other outcome might be that they deny any help to you. This will reveal that you had been nurturing a wrong relationship.

The selfish ones will look for their own benefit, and start maintaining a distance, seeing you stuck in the need of money. Those who care will do all that is possible to get you out of the situation. Change is constant. With time, the problems too get resolved and vanish, more so in case of financial problems.

But investing in the wrong relationships is what hurts the most. Therefore, it is important to test, before it is late, and learn which relationships are worth keeping. Hence, according to Chanakya, one must not miss the chance of testing his relatives in the times of need.

Test Your Wife During Misfortune

There is a saying - not even his wife supports an unfortunate man. When a man loses all that he has had, a self-centred woman might either start cursing a man, for not bringing home money, or might weaken him morally, or she might even leave him thinking that she can not survive with him anymore.

A woman worth keeping would be the one who will support him through thick and thin, says Chanakya. According to a story, when Tulsi Das (a famous saint poet) was not employed and was not earning well, his wife rebuked him such that he decided to leave her forever and become a devotee of God, realizing that if his wife could not support him, God is the only one who would give him equal love in return.

Hard times taught him big lessons and these gave a new direction to his life, and destined him to be known across the globe as a famous poet.

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    Story first published: Monday, June 25, 2018, 14:59 [IST]
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