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Chanakya Niti: Never Share These Secrets With Anyone


Never Share These Secrets With Anyone

Chanakya was a teacher, economist, jurist and a political advisor. He was learned in languages as well as sciences equally. He earned name and fame through his knowledge. Because of the stories of his intelligence, he is revered until today.

He has authored many works, including the most famous - Arthashastra. Besides showing wonderful insights in these disciplines, he was the master of philosophy as well. He compiled the most important aphorisms from the Shastras into a book and named it Chanakya Niti, for the reference and guidance of the common man. From the same Chanakya Neeti, we have brought to you a few tips that you must never forget. Take a look.

Chanakya had said that these few things should always be kept a secret. If revealed, they might bring difficulties in your life. Hence, never share these secrets with anyone.

Loss Of Money/Poverty

Chanakya says that when a man loses money, his relatives leave him, fearing he might ask for help. Moreover, people seek the company of those who can be of any help to them and avoid those who need it. Thus, telling somebody about your loss of wealth might become a reason of losing respect in the society. What he said decades back was relevant at that time, and is equally relevant even today.

In the society, only those are respected who have a good financial status. Therefore, the news about one's poverty or lost financial status must never be revealed. Moreover, the poor are considered as weak and the selfish community of the society might try to exploit them.

Information About One's Wife

One should never share the information about one's wife with anyone. Chanakya believed that one's wife is the most private possession of a man. Giving away the secrets about her might create troubles in future. Once a man knows about the other person's wife, either he might try to establish immoral contacts with her after knowing her weaknesses or even share her secrets with his own close friends.

Since it is never sure when a friend might become your enemy, he might use your private information to humiliate you or ridicule you publicly. Moreover, such information, once revealed, might even be used for blackmailing.

Personal Problems

There are situations in life when you might need the help of a friend. If in such a case, the person already holds a negative opinion about you, he might never want to help you. This is what sharing one's personal problems with others does. This means giving an invitation to the person in front of you to judge you, which obviously is not right.

Tips For Friendship From Lord Krishna

Moreover, who would like to talk to a man who is all the time spreading negativity and unhappy news around? Of course, no one. That is why Chanakya had advised long back that a man must never share the personal problems of his life with anyone. He might show compassion for some time, but at the end of the day, he will end up building a negative image of yours in his mind. Hence, never share your personal problems with anyone.

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