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7 Habits That Can Help Couples Have An Exciting Sex Life
Couples' sex habits depend upon several factors. Some couples have sex frequently only during the initial years of the relationship while others may have the same frequency of sex throughout their relationship. Also, the frequency might decrease to 'quite less' to ...
Habits That Help Couples To Have Exciting Sex Life

Romantic Ideas; Make Your Partner Smile Every Morning
Romantic ideas are all about the way couples long to live together and happily. We all live in a world filled with ideas of being happy and having a life that brings happiness into our lives. Happiness is our top priority ...
Marriage Advice: Ingredients Of A Happy Marriage
A marriage is based on a lot of mutual agreements and attachments. If a couple is happy in the marriage, it means they both share a similar ground with lots of positive attitude towards each other. But when a marriage turns ...
Marriage Advises Ingredients Of A Happy Marriage
Bonding Over Braids And Fairy Tales
You cannot stay together but you also cannot stay without each other. I guess by this line you can make out very well which relationship we are going to talk about in this article. It is about the relationship you can ...
Bonding Over Braids And Fairytales
Why Happiness Is An Illusion In Relationships?
"We crave for happiness like it should be our daily bread." - A Mixed Nerve Happiness has been our number one priority since the day we were born and will continue until the day we die. In a relationship, it is ...
Same Set Of Genes Can Cause Happiness & Depression: Research Revealed
Researchers have found that the same set of genes that make us prone to depression could also lead us to positivity in life.The findings showed that cognitive biases occur when people consistently interpret situations through particular mental 'filters.'"We suggest that while ...
Same Set Of Genes Can Cause Happiness And Depression Research Revealed
Want To Live Happy, Eat More Fruits & Vegetables: Study Reveals
Apart from reducing the risk of cancer and heart attacks, consuming up to eight portions of fruits and vegetables a day can substantially increase people's happiness levels in life, finds a new study."Eating fruits and vegetables apparently boosts our happiness far ...
10 Weird Ways In Which Money Makes You Happy
Love is important but, there are several weird ways in which money makes you happy and contented. Money, in today’s world, is one of the most essential assets that one requires for survival. Starting from bread and water to a roof ...
Ten Weird Ways In Which Money Makes You Happy
Give Up These 8 Things To Be Truly Happy
We always wonder how some people are always happy in all the circumstances. Being happy has much to do with you and less with the circumstances. On the other hand we also come across people who are always bashing about their ...
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