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7 Habits That Can Help Couples Have An Exciting Sex Life

Couples' sex habits depend upon several factors. Some couples have sex frequently only during the initial years of the relationship while others may have the same frequency of sex throughout their relationship. Also, the frequency might decrease to 'quite less' to 'no sex' due to the presence of children in their bed or having long working hours.

This can make the couples feel bored and dissatisfied with their sex life. So here are 7 sex habits that you can develop to keep your sex life evergreen.

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1. Go On A Date Night

Remember the initial days of your relationship when you both loved to spend time with each other and have a dinner date? You can always surprise your partner by planning a surprise date. You can either go for a movie or have dinner at a fancy restaurant. Leave your kids with the babysitter or with their grandparents while you spend quality time with your partner.

2. Talk About Sex

Talking about sex will help you to know the problems you and your partner might be facing or what your expectations are. You can also decide how frequently you should have sex. Also, this will help you to spend time with each other amidst your heavy work schedule and weeping children.

3. Acknowledge Partner's Beauty

You need to acknowledge your partner's physical beauty. Appreciate your partner's body through your words, eyes and hands. Make your partner feel special with your gaze. This will reignite your sexual desires for each other.

4. Flirt With Your Partner

Getting into a relationship or getting married doesn't mean you can't flirt or talk dirty with your partner. You can put some flirty text in your partner's wallet before he/she leaves for work. Or you can text them your desires for the night and let them know how badly you have been missing your sizzling sex life.

Also, you can send your partner the picture of the sexy top that you saw in a shop's window and tell, 'I want to see you in this'. You can easily find ways to flirt and tease your partner to boost your sex habits.

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5. Never Miss Foreplay

Foreplay is something that brings couples closer and gives them a feeling of intimacy. Getting clothes off and jumping into bed will make sex sound boring after a while. But when you add foreplay into your session of lovemaking, you give your partner a hint of what might be coming next. This can make your partner feel excited and eager to celebrate the union of two bodies.

6. Have Unplanned Sex

Think about having spontaneous sex with your partner. This will work as a surprise for your partner. You can take a leave from your work so that you and your partner can have a passionate lovemaking session when your kids are at school. Moreover, unplanned sex will make your partner crave for it.

7. Use Imperfect Moments

If you find a moment where you and your partner are left alone, then why not take advantage of this?

When at a friend's party, if you find yourself alone with your partner in the corner, you can get naughty with your partner. Just lay your hands over your partner's body and let them know what is going on in your mind. Express your desire in his/her ears. Or you can have a quick round of sex when your kids are busy watching their favourite show.

Through these habits, you can have a sizzling sex life with your partner. Moreover, you and your partner can enjoy and deepen your intimacy amidst other responsibilities.

Story first published: Thursday, August 22, 2019, 18:29 [IST]