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Expectations Emotionally Burden Us: A Spiritual Review Of Emotions


Expectations, relationships and emotions are words common to all. Driven by our emotions, we build up some expectations; these expectations take us on a journey which leads us either to the world of happiness and or to the sea of sorrow. While things are fine until we keep receiving the best response keeping up with our expectations, tension arises when the case is the latter one: when our expectations leave us in the sea of sorrow.

One form of hurt gives way to another, and we start seeing negativity in everything if the person who hurts us is really close to our heart. It stimulates the long-dead hurt and failures of the past and activates them, and leaves us more prone to being hurt and facing failures in the future.

This hurt gives rise to sadness, sadness leads us to self-doubt which further leaves us unsatisfied until another wave of happily fulfilled expectations strikes us.

Why Is Man A Slave Of His Emotions

How pitiable the condition of man has become! He is easily driven by emotions and more easily dragged down by expectations as if the other person is holding two magic wands: one of happiness and the other of sadness. This person blesses us with whichever wand he wants to.

We as subordinate beings let him switch between them and affect our moods. It seems man has no authority over his moods. The mood seems to be a slave of the actions of such wand holders to whom we give excessive powers.

Your Mood Affects Your Work, Which Further Affects Your Mood

This mood further disturbs the work; bad mood - bad work - bad results and again back to a bad mood. This mood cycle keeps on moving, until either some other person comes to attack us with a happy wand, as said before. Do you really think this is an ideal state man should be in?

Do you really think humans were born to do this on earth? Can it be the ideal job that He has sent the humans on earth to do? Do you think the purpose of life is to keep experiencing these magic wands and keep learning the same lessons multiple times?

Man is believed to be the best creation of nature on earth. He is described as the most intelligent being, who has immense capabilities. The same human is today being dragged by endless emotions which keep dropping him from one land to the other, merely because he has no control over his emotions.

Desires - The Biggest Reason Of Sorrow

Lord Buddha had rightly said, desires are the biggest reason for all kinds of sufferings on earth. We keep searching for happiness outside, in the materialistic world. The five senses act as the determining factors for what will make us happy. When we recognise the source capable of providing us materialistic happiness, the search ends.

This search then takes the form of a chase. It is just like a toddler who feels unsatisfied until he sees his mother and starts chasing her when he realises she is the source of happiness for him. And once we find the materialistic source of happiness, then begins the game of expectations.

Unfulfilled expectations, unmet desires and unachieved goals leave man in a pitiable condition. This ultimately leaves him in a state of being emotionally burdened. The real cause behind these is our continuous search for the outer happiness. This is what man needs to understand. Happiness is a state of being which comes from inside.

Happiness Lies Inside

Believing that we can find happiness outside, in this physical world, is a misconception. We need to see things from a larger perspective, wherein, happiness and outer circumstances do not depend on each other.

We Are The Owners Of Our Feelings

Our feelings in the present moment have to correspond with what we, as their sole owners, want them to be. Whereas, the outer circumstances have to correspond with the need of the hour. Man needs to understand that if the business is not running well these days, then it has nothing to do with the mood.

The belief that a person's mood is determined by the kind of relationships they have or the level of profit they are getting from their business is a sheer myth. Relating the achievement of goals with happiness is a big mistake that man is doing. Happiness is merely a matter of choice. You have to simply choose to be happy if you so want to.

To get good returns in business, put in more hard work, but stay happy. Happiness will help you perform even better, help you invest more positive energy and help you get the desired results sooner than you get while working in a bad mood.

Accept that your expectations can sometimes lead you to the world of sorrows, but this acceptance has to be an outward show. But then the question arises as to how can one choose to be happy inside, despite not getting the desired circumstances outside? And this is where spirituality comes into play.

Real Need Is Spirituality In Order To Know The Needs Of The Soul

Spirituality teaches us that the real self and the inner state of the heart are not related to the outer circumstances; it teaches us how to connect with our real inner being; it helps to discover the real happiness which lies inside. While the aim of the outer circumstances is to fulfil the need of the hour, the aim of the inner circumstances is to fulfil the need of the soul which is driving them.

Spirituality is just another name for knowledge of the self. It is self-awareness which teaches us what the inner soul needs in order to function well.

The soul has some requirements just as the outer physical world has its own requirements. It is not the outer world that the heart must comply with, but the inner heart which the materialistic world must follow.

The only need is to create such a positive energy inside that it acts as a magical wand, and the outer world is forced to go with the flow the heart wants. Such is the power of the inner energy; the only need is to realise it and give it the right direction, which can be done through spirituality.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 17:49 [IST]