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7 Perks Of Living Alone That You Will Be Able To Relate To

Living with a family means receiving abundant love and care. You are surrounded by people who genuinely care for you and motivate you to do the best in your life. But, do you know living alone also has some benefits?

Though you will be the one responsible for your own bills, foods, finances, and other things, you will feel better when you start living alone. It gives you the freedom to live your life according to your own wish.

For some people, living alone can seem to a selfish decision, but it can also be a selfless decision. As you will be managing everything on your own. But if you are still not convinced about the benefits of living alone, check this list to find out.

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1. You Can Have Your Preferred Sleeping Time

Be it your parents or partner, you may have a different sleep pattern but except you, no one else will understand this.

No doubt at home all of us have to go through our mothers' morning instructions to leave the bed as soon as possible. How many times did we feel like doing the same? But when you start living alone, you can have your preferred sleeping schedule. Depending upon your work shift and study schedule you can adjust your sleeping schedule. Moreover, no one is going to question you for your sleeping schedule.

2. You Can Eat What You Want

It is really a hard task to eat junk and fast food while your parents, especially mothers are around as parents are always concerned about our health. Even if you haven't had fast food for months, your mother will never accede to your desire of eating junk food. But, while you are living alone, you can actually enjoy the kind of food you want to have. You can cook and eat your favourite recipe.

Also, you can try making some new recipes for yourself. This will help you to develop some cooking skills.

3. You Don't Have To Clean Your House Every Day

It is nearly impossible to escape the angry look of your mother after you haven't cleaned your room for days. She won't listen to anything unless you clean your room. But when you live alone, you don't have to clean your room every day. You can do it when you feel like or when your parents are visiting you.

Also, you will learn to avoid throwing wastes here and there and keep your room tidy so that you don't have to clean it every day.

4. You Can Have Your Own Rules

There are some rules in every household. Your parents will make sure you follow those rules. Even though you don't feel like following those rules, you will be asked to do them anyway.

But when you are living alone, you can form your own rules such as where you need to place the shoe-rack or what should be the time limit for you to return to your place.

5. You Become More Confident And Responsible

Living with family and roommates will no doubt help you to learn new things and share some responsibilities, but living alone will help you taking charge of everything.

When you are living alone, you need to take care of everything. You need to manage your finances, expenses and savings. Not only this, you need to ensure the safety of yourself and of your belongings. You will learn to manage your time for study, office and other works. This way you will become a more confident and responsible person.

6. You Can Discover Your Freedom And Privacy

When you live alone, you don't have to share things with people and you discover how it feels like being free your independence level. You can enjoy all the ice-creams and the chocolate kept in your fridge. Also, you can have control over your TV remote.

You can do things according to your wish and no one will be disturbing you. Such as you can invite your partner and spend some quality time with him/her or you can enjoy a gala time with your friends.

7. You Don't Have To Compromise

Sharing a place with your roommates may lead to some sort of compromise. Such as you will have to decide who will use the washroom first. Or you will have to make sure to turn off the lights once your roommates are asleep, though you need to study or work late at night. There are many other similar daily compromises that you will have to go through.

But when you live alone, you don't go through such compromises. You can happily enjoy your place and do things the way you want to do.

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Living alone can help you in exploring yourself and figuring out what you want. Also, this will help you to take better care of yourself. But, you need to make sure to do things that won't hurt you in any situation. Only then, living alone can be a fruitful decision for you.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 5, 2019, 9:00 [IST]