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Marriage Advice: Ingredients Of A Happy Marriage

A marriage is based on a lot of mutual agreements and attachments. If a couple is happy in the marriage, it means they both share a similar ground with lots of positive attitude towards each other. But when a marriage turns into a divorce, everything changes. The relationship, the bonding, the mutual agreement, the happiness and the love cease to exist between a couple. We often think about how a happy marriage turn towards divorce. To understand the reasons behind it, we need to get deeper into the understanding of a marriage and what couples share among themselves.

Happy marriages are cocktails of emotion, communication, agreements, disagreements, hard work and loads of love. There are some minute factors that work in the favour of the couple in the long run. These minute yet detailed factors are the ingredients of a happy marriage.

Ingredients Of A Happy Marriage

1. Being Content With What You Have

A marriage is a happy one when you know you have the ingredient of being content with whatever you have and do not disrupt the balance in it by asking more. Being content is one of the smallest achievements in a marriage. But this small achievement brings a great amount of happiness to the marriage.

2. It Is A 50-50 Partnership

If you and your partner are sharing and caring at the same time with 50-50 partnership, it means that your marriage is on a road where all you see is happiness. The thing about a happy marriage is equality amongst the two partners. If you are helping your partner out and doing the household works, the 50-50 partnership is shown and these kinds of marriages are always happy.

3. Being Open And Clear

If you and your partner are being open with each other and are always clear about what you both want to form each other, then you and your partner share a happy bond. It might sound wrong, but when you become straightforward and say what you want from each other, you become real with each other. Being real in a relationship shows the way to a happy marriage.

4. Attitude Of Forgiving And Giving

The attitude of forgiving and giving is what real love is. When a couple shows it in the marriage, they let go of the smaller things that shouldn't matter in the marriage. They make sure that forgiving is the best way to create happiness between them. The happy shape of a marriage comes when the couple learns to forgive each other and tries to move on together in the marriage.

5. Honesty, Respect, Care And Love

Honesty, respect, care and love, if these are missing in the relationship, it means that the couple is losing the hand over the marriage. These 4 are the pillars of a marriage and when one is broken the marriage fails. Every married couple needs to be honest, respectful, caring and loving for each other. It is the way to a happy marriage.

6. No Signs Of Comparison

When you and your partner don't compare, you put up a real relationship with each other. A happy marriage is said to be one when you and your partner are not perfect but your imperfections complement each other and it is then that your marriage becomes perfect. No marriage is perfect unless the partners complement each other's imperfections.

7. Understanding The Risk

If you and your partner understand the risk of a marriage and are working hard to never fall into the scenario where one of you starts to feel suffocated, you both have a happy marriage. Marriage is a risk from the start and when both the partners understand it, they work to never let the risk overcome the marriage.

These are the 7 top ingredients of a happy marriage.

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