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12 Safe And Effective Tips For Diabetic Foot Care
Diabetics are at an increased risk of foot ulceration and foot pain. High glucose levels in the body cause neuropathic (damage to the nerves) and microvascular (narrowing and stiffening of blood vessels) changes, which makes them prone to wounds and injuries. ...
Safe And Effective Tips For Diabetic Foot Care

9 Effective Home Remedies To Whiten Dark Feet
Have you ever noticed the tan lines on your feet, usually shaped liked your flip-flop? Yes, that's what we are talking about. After everything our feet endure, they do not get the pampering they deserve. Dark feet is a real issue ...
All The Reasons Why Men Should Get A Pedicure
'It is not a guys thing'-You no longer can give the excuse. The beauty world has become more accommodating today and it is for the better. Men pampering themselves is no longer a hush-hush matter. When it comes to pedicure, it ...
Benefits Of Pedicure For Man
15 Different Types Of Pedicures To Pamper Your Feet
Our feet usually don't get the proper care and pampering that they deserve. Therefore, it is very important to treat your feet to a relaxing feat every once in a while. A pedicure is the most common and effective way to ...
Different Types Of Pedicure
Try These Fruit Foot Scrubs To Pamper Your Feet
Dead skin accumulation on our skin can make it look dull, dry and lifeless. The case of the skin on our feet is no different. In fact, our feet are more exposed to factors like sun, pollution, dirt, etc. So it ...
Fruit Foot Scrubs To Pamper Your Feet
Step-By-Step Guide For Doing Spa At Home
In the hustle and bustle of today's life, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. And needless to say that what we ignore the most is our feet. It is very important to pamper your feet, after all, they ...
Tips To Protect Your Feet In The Rain
Who wouldn't love to have beautiful and soft feet? Most of us face the problem of having dry and flaky skin on the feet, isn't it? It can be difficult to keep your feet in a tip-top shape because they take ...
Tips Protect Your Feet The Rain
How To Reduce Wrinkles On Legs
Wrinkles and fine lines are the signs of ageing. With growing age, your skin produces less collagen, an ingredient that is responsible for the elasticity of your skin. Because of that, your skin loosens up and gets wrinkled. Wrinkles mainly appear ...
Treating Cracked Heels With Ayurveda
Being beautiful is not only concentrating on your face. Your whole body requires your equal attention. And your feet is the most neglected part of your body. It is your feet that face the most strenuous experience throughout the day. It ...
Treating Cracked Heels With Ayurveda
5 Ways To A Softer Heels
One's beauty regimen mostly starts at our face and ends with our hair or nails. We overlook and take it for granted that our feet and heels get worn out every time we walk. Taking the right care of ones ...
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