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15 Different Types Of Pedicures To Pamper Your Feet

Our feet usually don't get the proper care and pampering that they deserve. Therefore, it is very important to treat your feet to a relaxing feat every once in a while.

A pedicure is the most common and effective way to groom and relax your feet. It is usually done at a salon by a professional expert. A good pedicure not only nourishes your feet but relaxes you as well. However, there are multiple pedicure options available in the salons these days and it becomes difficult to choose from.

Although the basic steps in a pedicure are the same, the ingredients and the time required to do it may vary. But what is certain is that a pedicure will relax you and rejuvenate your feet.

So, to make it easier for you, in today's article we've discussed the various pedicures that you can choose from and their particular focus areas. Go through the article and choose the pedicure that suits you best.

1. Regular Pedicure

A regular pedicure is a basic pedicure that you'll find at every salon. Choose this pedicure if what want you want is regular maintenance and grooming of your feet. This is the least expensive pedicure of the bunch. This pedicure involves soaking your feet in warm water followed by exfoliation using a pumice stone. Your toenails are then clipped and filed and your cuticles pushed back. A relaxing massage is then given to your feet and calf before painting your nails.

2. French Pedicure

A French pedicure is one of the most preferred pedicures. It is almost similar to the regular pedicure with the difference in how you paint your nails. You might have heard about French manicure. It is similar to that where the tips of your toenails are painted with solid white while keeping the rest neutral. This pedicure gives a clean and sophisticated look to your feet.

3. Fish Pedicure

An unusual method to treat your feet, fish pedicure is gaining a lot of popularity these days. It is a method that uses tiny fishes to nibble on your skin and give you a relaxing pedicure. Your feet are dipped in a tank filled with tiny fishes that will gather around your feet and eat away the dirt and dead skin cells from your feet. It is a sustainable way to treat your feet as it doesn't include any chemicals and the dead skin of your feet works as food for the fishes. It's a win-win situation.

4. Spa Pedicure

As the name suggests, a spa pedicure is a spa for your feet that is done to make your feet relaxed and refreshed. Some additions to the regular pedicure will give you a spa pedicure. These additions usually are aromatherapy oils, a hot towel wrap etc. You can choose all or any additions that you want and the prices will vary accordingly. The main purpose of this pedicure is to give you a highly relaxing experience.

5. Margarita Pedicure

A margarita pedicure is essentially a pedicure infused with lime. This is a pedicure that is mainly focused on making your feet soft and supple, especially your heels that are usually the hardest to deal with. This pedicure is done by soaking your feet in water infused with lime and sea salt. A combination of Epsom salt and essential oil are used to exfoliate your feet and a lime moisturiser is applied to your feet before painting your toenails.

6. Wine Pedicure

Did you know that wine works like a charm for your skin? Wine has antioxidants that protect your skin and rejuvenate them to give you healthy and refreshed feet. [1] This amazing property of wine makes it an ideal ingredient for a pedicure to relax and soften your feet. A wine pedicure is an amazing treat for your feet, though you won't find this pedicure in every salon. In this pedicure, your feet are soaked in a tub of wine. A grapeseed scrub is used to exfoliate your feet which is followed by a grapeseed oil massage and a grape foot mask to nourish your feet.

7. Athletic Pedicure

An athletic pedicure is designed for both men and women who are active on their feet. This pedicure is intended to relax your muscles and alleviate pain caused by vigorous physical activity. It is pretty similar to a regular pedicure except for the fact that it is more intense. Your feet are exfoliated extensively before a thick layer of moisturising foot mask is applied to the feet and long kneading motions are used to massage and relax your feet.

8. Hot Stone Pedicure

A hot stone pedicure is one in which hot stones are used to apply a relaxing pressure to the pressure points of your feet. It also includes essential oil for the added relaxation and the hot stones help to absorb the essential oil into your skin in a better way. It is a great way to alleviate pain and relax the foot muscles.

9. Chocolate Pedicure

Who doesn't love chocolate? And when you can use the delicious chocolate to treat your feet to a pedicure why hold yourself back? A chocolate pedicure involves soaking your feet in warm melted chocolate followed by a chocolate foot scrub and a chocolate mask to treat your feet.

10. Mini Pedicure

If you want to pamper your feet but don't have much time to spend, a mini pedicure is the one for you. This is a simple pedicure that can be done at home as well. This pedicure involves soaking your feet in warm water followed by cutting, filing and painting of your toenails.

11. Floral Pedicure

A floral pedicure is similar to a regular pedicure with the difference in the water that you soak your feet in. This pedicure uses the essence of flowers to nourish and treat your feet. It involves soaking your feet in warm water that is infused with flower petals. It is followed by exfoliation using petal scrub, filing your toenails, pushing back of the cuticles and then applying a floral foot mask to soothe your feet. A gentle foot massage followed by a coat of nail paint finishes off this pedicure.

12. Paraffin Pedicure

Highly nourishing and moisturising, a paraffin pedicure is the go-to pedicure if you have cracked heel. This pedicure involves soaking your feet in paraffin wax. Paraffin is quite hydrating for the skin and thus makes your feet soft and smooth. [2] Additionally, it helps to open the skin pores for a more nourishing experience and hence you get amazing results with this pedicure.

13. Ice Cream Pedicure

Well, aren't you tempted? An ice cream pedicure is one in which ice cream-flavoured scrubs are used to exfoliate your feet. This pedicure involves soaking your feet in a bath bubble infused with vitamins and minerals that resembles the shape of an ice cream scoop. Your feet are then exfoliated using a chocolate, vanilla or strawberry scrub. A whipped lotion is then used to moisturise your feet and it is finished off with a cherry red nail paint.

14. Gel Pedicure

A gel pedicure is the one for you if you want your pedicure to last long and don't want to spend your time and money on a quite regular basis. It is basically similar to a regular pedicure that involves soaking, exfoliating, pushing back of cuticles, filing and cutting of toenails. The only difference is that the nail paint used at the end is a gel nail paint that lasts for a longer period of time. However, it might end up making your nails dry.

15. Milk And Honey Pedicure

Infused with the goodness of milk and honey, this pedicure moisturises your feet and make them soft and supple. In this pedicure, your feet are soaked in warm milk solution to relax your feet. A sugar scrub is used to exfoliate your feet which is followed by a honey foot mask. Milk is a great ingredient to cleanse your feet while honey has emollient properties that heal your skin and make it soft and smooth. [3] This pedicure, therefore, is a great way to pamper your feet.

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